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  1. I can't add the source 😞 It just says "Did not find Repository" 😞
  2. How did you make it work? i can’t make it work ? i have iPhone x ups 11.2.1, and I also have the Walking Dead: Road to survival installed, but don’t Know if that is interfearing, tried uninstall it, but didn’t work ?
  3. I’m doing exactly as written, but nothing happens ? nothing in the settings, and nothing in the game, just starts up normaly ?
  4. Finally, I got it to work!! What I did, which isn't easy to read anywhere.. Is that I did almost the whole tutorial, until I could play Gobstones for the first time. 1. Then I made sure I was connected to my facebook 2. Then I quit the game 3. Then I installed the modded game 4. When I got it, it could take a few times with quitting the game, when receiving the diamonds, but after 10 tries, I got it!! Hope anybody can use this information, because I could really have used it 4 days ago, when I first started trying to get it to work, and have been downloading and deleting the games so many times, that I lost track XD So reaaaally hope your guys won't be spending as much time on it, as me Good luck all!
  5. But how do I use the hack, if I can't do anything? Just when I do something, the money increase to 50.000, and then the error comes, and restarts the game, so can't do anything.. ?
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