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  1. This may sound cheesy, but if the love is strong enough, it can always work! However, on online dating apps, people are allowed to have very high expectations, or basically “choose” their partner. For example, a woman may only want a man who earns 6 figures and is rockstar for a living on the dating app, which in comparison to real life is very unrealistic. (Not saying all people have such high expectations!) It’s quite an unfair system really. Not to mention, overseas dating is very hard to maintain, and it’s difficult to establish complete trust with someone when you haven’t even met the person. I haven’t really done online dating myself but I’ve looked into it, and it looks like most want specific criteria. (Which I’m not saying is bad, but isn’t what you would have in real life.) But cons aside, there may be someone who is simply looking for a partner who will love and cherish them, without materialistic expectations. It’s just a matter of time before you find them! Sorry for the rant, I just found the topic very interesting.
  2. I think she has good music, especially for this generation. Because of her recognizable style of singing, she is very exploited in my opinion which is why she is so popular. Some may say she is overhyped but I somewhat disagree. Her music deserves to be recognized.
  3. Ah whatever it is 😂 oh god looks like I butchered that word
  4. Spider man. After seeing Into the Spider Verse, it gave me a whole new view onto him. He has so many variations and there’s just so much lore behind him, it’s crazy.
  5. What’s the most bizarre dream you’ve had? I’ve had a few strange ones recently and I’d like to read anyone else’s experiences, also I’m kinda looking for a lil bit of a story time.
  6. I‘m all for Apple. I just enjoy how streamline it is, and compared to Android it’s much more simple. It’s all right there for me. :,) However Android does offer a much wider variety of games, and it’s much easier to use for mods/hacks.
  7. Damn there’s gonna be a lot of Anime girlfriends when everyone gets back from their ventures. Over 1 mil people pledged 😟
  8. I didn’t know about it until my sister dragged me into the game store and bought an Xbox. When we got home she wouldn’t stop playing it, so I got intrigued. Eventually she dropped to bronze and quit because she got bored, and while she was doing something else I played. Now I have three times as many hours and I’m a much higher rank ;))
  9. Fair enough. In fact I was looking at them in real life today and I think that is what my sleep paralysis demon would look like. It’s wrinkly and there’s this photo of a seal literally taking a chunk out of the guy. #ripsunfish
  10. Yeeep, I already have 3 of each Sunfish in the tropical event, but now I’m looking to build up vitality for more raysss. What do you think about the sunfish?
  11. Sigma almost looks like a buff version of Phara? But I’m looking forward to playing him.
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