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  1. Be careful when you meet online. Once after meeting in the Tender I had sex with a girl. It was consensual, but after a while she accused me of harassing her. Maybe it was revenge for not wanting to spend time with her, or I don't know. Sometimes women do strange things. I even had to consult legal https://mosheslaw.com/laborandemployment/sexual-harassment-lawyer/ . Can someone still use to anyone. But I hope it doesn't come to that. In General, I advise everyone to be careful when you meet girls online.
  2. But to be honest, writing a good resume is quite difficult. Dry presentation of facts and template blanks are the most common mistakes when writing a resume. If you are looking for a new job, I recommend to order a ready resume. Now there are a large number of services for writing resumes. Here is one of them https://resumeget.com/ . Specialists will be able to make a competent, structuring resume that will appeal to HR .
  3. Thank you for your opinion! I completely agree cause long distance relationships it's not for me. I want to find someone who lives with me in the same city. So if we have a mutual interest, we can meet. To select a Dating site I use this service - https://hookupmasters.com/ This is where they do reviews on Dating sites. At first glance it may seem useless, but it really saves time. Because as a rule, the sites do not write anything about paid features, and after registration it turns out that you need to pay for viewing profiles, sending messages or there are other restrictions that create inconvenience. It's really convenient.
  4. How do you feel about online dating? To be honest, I tried several times to meet someone in Tinder but after a few days I deleted the app. The girls that I liked for some reason I did not answer, or answered for a very long time. It makes me goat. After a while I calmed down and downloaded the program again. Same thing. But often from someone I hear people find in Tinder or on Dating sites a girl for one night or even build a serious relationship. I want to know how you feel about it? Perhaps someone has had experience Dating in the Internet? Please share, very interesting to compare your experience with others.
  5. hi all! Friends, if anyone needs help writing an essay or resume, use this service - https://edureviewer.com/services/essaymania-co-uk-review/ Here you can find reviews on most popular platforms. Very convenient.
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