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  1. Just letting everyone know I am keeping the Nox tutorial up for current use until the next update for the game comes & it will be removed after my break!

    Thank you guys for all the love and understanding <3 

    The new feature in the mods will make it easy to add any released/past items into your game ~ this will unfortunately not include any unreleased items (until they are released into the game)

    Best of luck to all of you and I'm hoping that the new feature can compensate for anyone still wanting to add items into your game  :) 

    ~ Ashley (DM me for advice or any questions that need to be answered) <3 

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    2. cupidgigi


      I'm confused sorry, so should I add now all items in my game? ( you mentioned you will remove Nox tutorial). I'm afraid I will not have access to the past items (in the original app)

    3. xoashley


      @cupidgigi You will have access to past items with the new feature that will be added next update ~ available with all mods for Android and iOS

      If you want to you can add items into your game now with the Nox tutorial before it's removed! :) 

    4. cupidgigi


      @xoashleythank you so much! I will add them now, since it takes time to save progress in the mods. I want it to play in the original app :) thank you again for everything <3 

    5. cupidgigi


      @xoashleyhello again! I encountered a problem today. it's not showing my progress. I don't know what happen. I tried this before and this is the first time. I just got the login google play account after I paste my default in the (data/data/com.glu.stardomkim/files). I already uninstall it completely but still the same

    6. cupidgigi


      is there a way to wipe out all data in nox? because uninstalling it don't delete any

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