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  1. How do you “run out” of Plus accounts? im gonna have to hold off till my next paycheck I guess (next week). I really wanted help support you guys- but I can’t hold onto the amount forever. 😓
  2. Why does it take so long to get an email or something to be approved to activate/pay for the Plus Account? I have money & am trying to pay my money but it’s taking forever to get that email that’s supposed to let me activate and pay the money . Do they not want my money? I’m confused. I really wanna help support you guys, but it seems counterproductive to make it so hard to even do so.
  3. How can the “Product” be “Out if Stock”?????? I want a membership that I’m willing to pay for, but it says it can’t cause its “Out of Stock” ??? Can someone help me?
  4. Could someone make one? If they have already pls let me know & provide a link! ^^
  5. So I mentioned this is a similar but not the same Topic. So when Arcana Updates I delete it & reinstall. But now it just won’t Install. It’ll look like it is but once it’s a little over 3/4 done I get this message (see image/link). https://66.media.tumblr.com/d06aaeb4635db516a0e2165a6982f68b/954c27b3ca1b05ae-ba/s1280x1920/70c6dfa31ffce0f2e2b234f717bea874c5bc9c7a.jpg I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried the thing w toggling that thing on the “Aa” at the top after this recent iOS 13.1.3 update. I’ve been dying to do the latest Chapter- but if I download the not-free game it’s “-###” of coins/keys so I can’t even play it outside the Hack version that’s not letting me install. I’ve read that I gotta “try later” but ‘Later’ never comes. 🥺 Please help..
  6. It’s worse yet for me- I deleted & tried to reinstall like I usually do when it updates, but now it won’t even install! This is what shows up: https://66.media.tumblr.com/d06aaeb4635db516a0e2165a6982f68b/954c27b3ca1b05ae-ba/s1280x1920/70c6dfa31ffce0f2e2b234f717bea874c5bc9c7a.jpg Idk what to do. 🥺😭
  7. Is Filza an app I need? -I’m kinda new to all this stuff.. ❤️ Thank you in advance!
  8. I tried using the link, but it says “error 404”, what do I do? im on an iPhone 6s.
  9. So... do I go to a link to download this new version? I’m new confused & a lil slow I think. was there a link I didn’t notice?
  10. Can someone tell me how to know when an app is updated? I’m very new & Arcana just updated in the Apple Store-
  11. Okay, so I’m new & I play the Arcana game, how do I know when it’s been updated? I know the base game has recently updated, but I don’t know what to do or what to look out for the iOS Gods version; to know when it’s updated too or not.
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