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  1. I think offline mode works with 2.2.0. I updated post with links to downgrade to it. If it doesn't work try reinstalling spotify4all
  2. GIVEAWAYS!!!! https://gleam.io/1Fdrq-K6dTbN(click it, you know you wanna. Ya, just like that...)
  3. Are you on version 2.5.0 or below? If not find the IPA file online. I'll pm you if you cant find it on google Are you on version 2.5.0 or below? If not find the IPA file online. I'll pm you if you cant find it on google
  4. Yes I know but it actually gives you ALL premium features like offline mode and extreme syncing. Other tweaks would just give you free skip and no ads.
  5. Hello! So I found a new method of obtaining Spotify premium for free. (its sort of old out doing a Google search shows that many people don't know about it so I'm sharing it to all you wonderful people:)) Requirements A jailbroken device running iOS 8 or above (haven't tested on ios 7 but it should work, you can try it) Spotify running up to 2.5.0 A brain Tutorial [Hidden Content] Hit the like button if this helped you! Credits: Rada Ursache for making this tweak (I did not make this I'm just sharing it with you guys @@DiDA for helping me with my post It works on 8.3 btw. Screenshot: Link for 2.2.0 http://uploaded.net/file/sf1h6qa2 credits to @@Tippy for link Here's another one that i found http://www.filepup.net/files/2bppTO1418307708.html If offline mode doesn't work delete spotify all together and install this
  6. @DiDa is it OK if I link to a repo that has something I want to show the forums and I give credit to the person who made it?

    1. Caeso


      What's the repo :p

    2. Rook


      You can PM me with the question you have. :)

    1. Rook


      The public isn't supposed to use that. It's beta.

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