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  1. Are you still alive?

    1. Rook


      He’s banned

    2. jayvee


      lol hes ded then

  2. Did you even see the Hidden Content?
  3. :o :w00t: But my laptop cannot run TeamViewer :crying: It's laggy Yeah, my laptop is shit
  4. I might never I don't have money :crying:
  5. Wow, nice game But my laptop cannot handle the resolution
  6. You're lying in bed in a deep sleep, and when you hear a knock on the door window. You wake up, think it just sounds so you imagine, until you hear a knock again. Tossing and turning, you look out the window, wondering who reached the 2nd floor window instead. After a few minutes of silence, you think it's just a couple of neighborhood kids against a wall on the door of your house to make you afraid, or just annoy you. You continue to lie down on the bed and his head on the pillow. As soon as you close your eyes, hoping to fall asleep, you hear a knock on the door. Be bothered, you sit up and immediately glanced at the window, hoping that somehow found the stones will bump into the glass door. That is when you hear a knock again. Except this time, you realize that it's not from the window. Shocked, you get up out of bed and went to the door. Open the door, the only thing you see is nothing. Louder and louder knock, better downstairs. At this point, you have to sleep and wake up totally confused, scared what happened to midnight. You go downstairs and check all windows and exhausting because there's nothing there. After waiting for about 10 minutes until you hear a knock at the half, you go back upstairs and can finally sleep assured. As to your room, you see the window was open, the cold breeze herded into a room. You froze, wondering what the hell is happening, how to open the window, until you finally knock, knock lightly on the wall directly behind you. You turn your back, and my face

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