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Don Edo

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  1. A non jb version would be great
  2. Thanks a lot Zahir just a small problem that appears for me is that auto battle doesn’t work as long as the hack is active
  3. Hi guys, just want to know is there any possibility that I can install apps without PC? The certificates are revoked since days so I can’t install any apps from the iOS Gods app. My PC doesn’t work anymore and I don’t want to buy a new one cause I don’t really need it. What can I do? Thanks
  4. Ok got it it’s an alternative AppStore and there I can find also all apps from the iOSGods App?
  5. @Laxus when Apple revoked certificates and Cydia Impactor is broken how do I get the apps on my phone?
  6. Hello again, I don’t write often here but when I do then because something is on my mind like following thought... As we all know Apple keeps revoking certificates over and over again and like we also know it takes some days till devs find a new certificate. We pay let’s say 3 Months VIP which means we should have this service for 90 days. But in fact we don’t have. Renew certificates takes time so we have maybe 80 or less days of this payed service instead of the full 90 days. What about adding the missed days? This would be a legit solution. Thanks
  7. Is there any update on this one? Otherwise close the thread
  8. @DanYal Auto Fight doesn’t work because no one attacks neither the enemy nor my team. Same goes for the arena
  9. @Rook could you please lock this topic since it seems that this game can’t be hacked.Thanks.
  10. Problem is even if you clear the stage it says you loose. Happens in story mode and the other mode like gold rush and so on. Can you check pls
  11. Name of the game you want hacked: Ceres M (RPG) Version of the game: 1.1.47 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/app/ceres-m-rpg/ Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non JB Requested Features: - One Hit Kill - Auto Win - Instant Skill and so on
  12. I appreciate this one. I would like to add If possible: - Auto Win - One Hit Kill - High Player Damage - High Player Defense And what ever is possible
  13. Yes please. Non JB would be amazing I would like to have an VIP Non JB Hack for this one everything that helps is appreciated. @DADi @DanYal @Zahir @Laxus
  14. We are requesting a hack. There is no hack till now
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