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  1. @Amuyea is it possible to have this updated for version 12.96?
  2. This didn't work. It loaded the game as it normally would without the .deb file and the iOSGod's sign in pop up still didn't appear.
  3. Thank you for this feedback, I appreciate that! Is it alright if I PM you for further questions I have?
  4. Hello all! Please allow me to use your jailbreaking expertise in trying to solve what the hell I'm doing wrong! I used to jailbreak all the time back in 2017-2018 and everything seemed much simpler, but I just cant figure this one out. I am currently jailbroken on a IPhone X running iOS 13.4 using unc0ver v5.0.1. I have tried to install the jailbroken tutorial posted by @Rook for Modded/Hacked App: MARVEL Contest of Champions by Kabam Inc, v27.1.0. Everything was downloaded completely, including the .deb using Filza File Manager 64-bit 3.7.6-20 by the TIGI Software repo. I installed this .deb successfully in Filza and respring my device after it prompted me to do so. It is listed in Cydia as "MARVEL Contest of Champions" 27.1.0+iOSGods.com by Maya & DanYal. I made sure to have the following installed from Cydia: Cydia Substrate 0.9.7101 PreferenceLoader 2.2.4 When opening the MARVEL Contest of Champions application, I don't even get the prompt to sign into iOSGods which normally happens hen I use any .deb from this website, which I thought was strange. Therefore, my menu is also not showing up inside of the application. I want to note that I tried this .deb first last night after jailbreaking and it DID work, however after downloading other mods, it stopped working, as well as my other mods installed. I went through the following troubleshooting: Removed ALL mods (As well as the MARVEL Contest of Champions AppStore) that I installed after the MARVEL Contest of Champions .deb was installed, INCLUDING itself. I also removed Cydia Substrate and PreferenceLoader, re-downloaded the .deb with Filza and this did NOT work. Restore RootFS inside of the unc0ver v5.0.1 jailbreak, this did NOT work. I also followed the Troubleshooting article and this also did NOT work. Please, if I am doing something wrong, call me out on this! This is not the only .deb I cannot get to work for me! There are multiple but I figure whatever solution we get soon, will also be the same for the others. Cheers!
  5. I have been considering buying Vip solely for the hacked games, game saves, mods, etc. Before doing so, I wanted to get some honest feedback from current Vip members and how they are liking it. Also, what should I expect, etc?
  6. @Rook Can you assist me? The menu isn’t showing up for me. I have Substrate, Filza and Preference Loader downloaded, running in unc0ver for ios 13.4
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