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  1. What is MShook and what is the purpose of it? I have read many tutorials here on MShook and understood those tutorials but they don't say what is the purpose of MShook, and can MShook also be for Android in C++ as I am an Android user?
  2. just replying to see hidden content✔
  3. wait..... is that you from Jbro's server????? I am PixelYT the guy who had a profile pic with a red P. but now my profile pic is the flag of israel. so is it u uu????
  4. Hello, there is an apk game which I want to mod the coins value and I searched for the coins function, founded it but offset is too short, can't be located in HxD. APK: http://slickstudios.net/Downloads/ForumComp signed.apk Built-in type: il2cpp Programming Language: C#, file is a .cs extension Problem: Offset of a field function is too short, cannot be modded in Hex Editor Code: // Fields public Text coinText; // 0xC private int coinMultiplier; // 0x10 public int totalCoins; // 0x14 <-------- specifically this one
  5. I literally replied to you telling you to not trust Errcr404, else I would've replied to Errcr's post
  6. don't trust this guy, he has posted on every forum possible and on every modders/modding discord because he wants to write aimbot/esp and I have heard that he stole some mod or faked something [heard this on [Jbro's server]
  7. @boldfacebutton7 If you mean cloning as in having the same game on the same phone with separate apks then just use Parallel Space on playstore, or Virtual Space
  8. Sorry for late reply>> For that you'll need IDA Pro, And here is the tutorial. But you can also just open the lib in IDA Pro but if the game has good anticheat, then likely many methods will be obfuscated and to deobfuscate you'll need script.py, this game has protection. So as I said above, manually dump first and load script.py
  9. Just use IDA lol, drag the .so file and choose arm processor
  10. fix methods: 1. Game has protection against dumping so you can't hack 2. try different mode 3. make sure all il2cppdumper files, metadata, and il2cpp.so file are in the same exact folder 4. make sure you have the latest il2cppdumper version 5. if it asked u to input unity version, then u probably have put wrong version 6. use GUI tool but make sure above methods are also done on this version https://www.mediafire.com/folder/x3or31t30o5t1/Il2CppDumper_GUI what is the game and if u don't understand the methods above then tell me
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