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  1. A brief tutorial on how to use IGameGod's Touch Recorder feature
  2. Here is a brief tutorial on how to use the IGameGod Touch Recorder feature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9PVzouYvk
  3. ok i got evverything figured out, thanks for the help @Rook
  4. Ok thanks I’ll try that and see what happens, I’ll reply to this topic letting u know if it worked
  5. @Rook I’ve tried with my bank card as well which has more than the required amount of funds needed to make the purchase and it is giving me the same error
  6. I’m trying to purchase VIP and I want the Iosgods App++ and the jailbreak VIP because I have two Apple devices and one is jailbroken and the other is not. When I hit pay the loading circle pops up and then about 5 seconds later an error message pops up that says to try a different payment method or contact support. So i went to a local store and bought one of those prepaid cards and loaded it with 40 dollars. My personal card is a Visa so I figured maybe that was the issue, so the prepaid card I purchased was an American Express and this still gave me the same error. I’m not sure what else I could try at this point, if someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. how do i download the IPA to use with sideloadly, the only option its giving me is to download from the iosgods app
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