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  1. Hey everyone, To make a long story short, my parents need to get into my borthers phone due weird behavior of him. So is there any way I can unlock his phone without having his password. He has an iPhone 7 +, don’t know what ios he is using atm. Thanks
  2. What are you running for today?


  3. Anyone knows where my cat is? :(

  4. If STD's are only recieved from people who already got it, how did the first person get an STD?...


    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. MrHani3


      @Jokawas just about to ask that...

    3. Laxus


      Wait you didn't study it on school? Dafuq

    4. MrHani3


      @Laxusi study webdevelopment and game development, not some animal sh!t

    5. TheArmKing


      In School? Or in University?

    6. MrHani3


      @TheArmKing somewhere between university and school


  5. @DiDA what if you don't have "com.author.package.plist & com.author.package.postinst" these files?
  6. Hey I was wondering if Mobile Substrate still works, or IDA, maybe they got patched? anyone has a beginner topic for how to start of with those?
  7. Hey everyone, Not a new member, just came back from a long long time ago. For those who don't know me, I am Alae-eddine A.K.A MrHani3, came by my user name while showering if anyone wonders... I am not the hardcore programmer/hacker but I look forward to learn even more from this amazing forum than I already did. Currently I am studying webdevelopment (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Java, Python and SQL) I really do like this and that is why I would love to expand my experience here with other programming languages. I also have seen that has hit 1 Million members! Congrats to @DiDA and thanks for this amazing forum! Regards, MrHani3
  8. i am still a senior pleb

    1. mitosis


      You can change that ;)

  9. abd the jailbreak keeps stuck at 30%
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