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  1. Well, since the app doesn’t come free, peple has the right to understand why it’s not working, or at least how long will it take. maybe they should even update the app presentation where they say: Less Revokes. The team will do its best to offer as little revokes as possible, but in the end, it's all up to daddy Apple. However, if a revoke does happen, we will do our absolute best to provide revoke replacementswithin 24 hours and for free! (Last time it took a month to get the app going again, and like this time, no one even explained what’s going on)
  2. @K_K thank you for the game!!.. could we get the updated version please??
  3. Buongiorno! L’app+ te lo consiglio alla grande perchè costa poco e funziona molto meglio rispetto alla versione free.. Inoltre funziona anche con gli abbonamenti vip plus, tieni presente peró, che l’app+ è un’abbonamento separato rispetto al vip plus!
  4. Thank you for effort! If it can help i tried with an iphone SE with ios 12.1.4 thru the app+
  5. Don’t forget there is people on the other side wich spend their free time, not only creating, but sharing where is possible different kind of content. Why don’t you go on apple and check how much a certificate costs everytime that it get’s revoked? If you need it so bad, why don’t you offer a few of them to this site, or if you can’t why don’t you even try to support them with a 25£ premium app? It’s easy to criticize without doing anything. Try giving instead of expecting, you will feel better too
  6. 😂😂😂😂 hai ben ragione!.. Ora sto buttando giù il post principale con il regolamento, quando l’ho finito volentieri! Poi man mano ci vado ad aggiungere pure gli altri!
  7. Facile disprezzare senza aver nemmeno provato a contribuire 😉
  8. Al momento stanno revocando tutti i certificati dopo poche ore dalla creazione, quindi, vista anche la mole di giochi da aggiornare bisognerà aspettare un pó di tempo.. Io personalmente vi consiglio la versione + dell’app: non ha un prezzo eccessivo e funziona a meraviglia
  9. For all those who missed the comment and are asking for the update, they’re already working on it, just be patient
  10. Wow.. with all those strange words it seems like you guys come from the space
  11. Just tried buying iap from the store after activating hack on iosgods mod menu but it doesn't work.. is it happening to anyone else??
  12. Hello everyone! I'm trying to find a way to transfer a whatsapp chat from an android phone to an iphone, i've tried searching on google but most of the tutorials are payment softwares advertising their selfs.. The android phone from which i'm trying to get the whatsapp chat is a Samsung Galaxy J3 that has installed android V.8.0.0 (no root). The Iphone where i'm trying to insert the whatsapp chat is an Iphone 6s with installed ios 12.4 (no jailbreak).. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem and found a solution to it? Thank you!
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