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    OnePlus 3T
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    C++/Java coding, game hacking, reverse engineering.
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  1. Could you possibly mod me a bullet force account ?

  2. Hey Luigi 

    1. Liderluigi
    2. xSuKa


      I need gold :3

    3. Bossx2


      1 hour ago, xSuKa said:

      I need gold :3


  3. Im in Its always nice to get a present!
  4.  Hack

    Check it out
  5. Server 1 paid month has been reached, and this service has ended. Thanks everyone for participating! Hi guys, As I paid a server months ago for a project (not related to hacking) and is now finished, I have decided to take advantage of it and use it for you! I want to give everyone the opportunity to get free gold on your Bullet Force Accounts all day long, without restrictions or interruptions, 24/7. And the best part is: you don't need to do anything!!! Here is how it works: - My server will handle your account and watch ads for you, all day, every day. - You can still play the game while bot is working! - I just need your account username and password. - Around 50 gold in 5 minutes (server will then stop botting for the day as the ads limit is reached at that point, and will continue next day automatically). - Free gold service on the background, no devices needed, 24/7! Screenshot See you next time
  6. Can u give me gold from ur bf hack? 

    Ign : ToggledHacks 

    Password : Ibissa07

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. cTonyFTW


      Ffs dont

    3. Nipeks


      Battlefield hack? Battlefront? Boyfriend?

    4. cTonyFTW


      Bullet force

  7. Is your bullet force Tool still Working? Can you Transfer some stuff please?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BloodRaceKiNG


      Really?! @Liderluigi! I did thought it was patched by the dev

    3. Liderluigi


      Not everything is patched :) 

    4. BloodRaceKiNG


      What was patched? @Liderluigi

  8. How can i give private msg to you bro

    1. TheArmQueen


      Just transfer $10000 to me (y) 

    2. Flackboy


      go to his profile and then click message

    3. Liderluigi


      No one can pm me, I got blocked months ago for selling...

      If you need to pm me, just send an email to: liderluigi@hotmail.com

      Edited by Liderluigi
  9. Hey liderluigi, can u make for me a private hacked bullet force account? PLEASE BRO! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MercyPlease


      Also register that account to this email↓


      Thanks! :)

    3. MercyPlease


      Make the password hard to guess and mail me both name and pass. Thanks!! :)))

    4. MercyPlease


      Any updates?

  10. Can i get Bullet force coins and xp please?

    1. cTonyFTW


      Can I get gold?

  11. Is this pming you and can u give me gold and credits in bullet force please just say what I need to do.

  12. Request

    Don't talk if you have no idea...The hack he is requesting WAS AVAILABLE a year ago, troops/heroes attack and health was stored clientside and was not checked serverside by any means. Moreover, I still have an account there where I used to test the hacks and is not banned today. So instead of answering that, please use Google. Now, I have not been able to hack it again, but that doesn't mean there is no way to do it. As far as I know, attack/health is still managed clientside...
  13. Help/Support

    I have PMs blocked lol, just mail me
  14. Help/Support

    Some need, but that is not a problem. When hooking the recv function, you usually get the key at first connection attempt Then, you apply it for the rest of the packets.
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