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  1. Get yourself a free license here: http://autotouchlicenses.tk/
  2. Took me 9 minutes because I was recording, taking screenshots etc. I can get an account up to level 60 in 1 minute. Btw, your code is really incomplete... Some quests you add manually aren't even a 20% of them. Good luck.
  3. Hi guys, Today I would like to show you this nice tool I created for the game "The Alchemist Code" that allows you to: · Bot any quests/events you want INSTANTLY. · Claim all daily rewards INSTANTLY. · Win ALL arena battles INSTANTLY. · Sell Gold bars IMMEDIATELY when one or more found in inventory. · Spam the chat with anything you want every few seconds. · Read and claim mails if received. · Much more to come!... With this tool you can get a brand new account up to level 70 in few days if bot is working, for example, on a hosted server. Here's some proof (You can check the server time on the GIFs-> Took 9 minutes): Tool on PC: _______________________________________________________________________________ Account before bot was activated (Level 2 Gold 20k, 63/32 Stamina): Account after bot was activated (Level 12, Gold +2mill, 956/41 Stamina, more items, etc.): This was just a showoff, hope you liked it See you!
  4. I was reading through the forum and it seems no one knows why R7 register has a really big value when they use it for "hacking" binaries... (Basically those people don't know how processors work, and therefore they know nothing about hacking using debuggers). R7 register is a Frame Pointer (on iOS), which means that it points to the previously saved stack frame. So whenever a process starts executing the last value saved to the stack is stored in a big memory address such as 0x2FAF0804 (~800 million). For newbies: processor starts executing since the device boots up and, once fully booted, addresses used for storing new processes operations have a huge value in decimal as a result of previous (smaller) addresses used for boot, OS load, etc. You are welcome PD: Learn how to hack by studying instead of copying tutorials...
  5. Could you possibly mod me a bullet force account ?

    1. king4423


      me too ! ill pay

    2. Liderluigi



    3. EraXVII


      I need my acc modded too


  6. Hey Luigi 

    1. Liderluigi
    2. xSuKa


      I need gold :3

    3. Bossx2


      1 hour ago, xSuKa said:

      I need gold :3


  7. Can u give me gold from ur bf hack? 

    Ign : ToggledHacks 

    Password : Ibissa07

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. xTonyFTW
    3. Nipeks


      Battlefield hack? Battlefront? Boyfriend?

    4. xTonyFTW


      Bullet force

  8. Is your bullet force Tool still Working? Can you Transfer some stuff please?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BloodRaceKiNG


      Really?! @Liderluigi! I did thought it was patched by the dev

    3. Liderluigi


      Not everything is patched :) 

    4. BloodRaceKiNG
  9. How can i give private msg to you bro

    1. TheArmKing


      Just transfer $10000 to me (y) 

    2. Flackboy


      go to his profile and then click message

  10. Hey liderluigi, can u make for me a private hacked bullet force account? PLEASE BRO! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MercyPlease


      Also register that account to this email↓

      [email protected]

      Thanks! :)

    3. MercyPlease


      Make the password hard to guess and mail me both name and pass. Thanks!! :)))

    4. MercyPlease


      Any updates?

  11. Can i get Bullet force coins and xp please?

    1. xTonyFTW


      Can I get gold?

  12. Is this pming you and can u give me gold and credits in bullet force please just say what I need to do.

  13. Don't talk if you have no idea...The hack he is requesting WAS AVAILABLE a year ago, troops/heroes attack and health was stored clientside and was not checked serverside by any means. Moreover, I still have an account there where I used to test the hacks and is not banned today. So instead of answering that, please use Google. Now, I have not been able to hack it again, but that doesn't mean there is no way to do it. As far as I know, attack/health is still managed clientside...
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