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Javi Tech

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, blah blah blah blah blah... here's your steam codes. I may add more in the near future.
  2. You don't have OpenSSH installed? Hmm... apt is a folder in /etc. Nothing to install, it should already be there.
  3. You can manually remove the false repo using iFile/Filza or i-Funbox. 1) Quit Cydia 2) Using iFile/Filza or i-Funbox navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d 3) Edit the repo out of the Cydia.list file 4) Navigate to var/mobile/library/preferences and find com.saurik.Cydia.plist 5) Locate the repo's reference towards the bottom of the file 6) Delete a single line encoded by < key> tags and the following lines from the <dict > tag to the </dict> tag 7) Reboot When you relaunch Cydia after the reboot, the repo should be gone.
  4. How many Razzberries do you have?
  5. Kim J0ng ChiII The last three letters are "i"s.
  6. So I am switching carriers for my iPhone 6 Plus and in the process, I am required to restore my iPhone to unlock it to work with the new carrier. It is Jailbroken at 8.3 right now and I am looking to restore it back to 8.3 to re-jailbreak it. I know I can save screenshots of everything I have so I can redo/re-add everything manually, however I'm looking for any quicker/sensible solution that might exist out there. I've read a post about a tweak called PkgBackup from BigBoss that creates a backup file of all things related to your jailbreak like tweaks and stuff. I'd like to know if anyone's tried backing up using this tweak or know of a better method that has worked and isn't too shady. And if you tried PkgBackup, up to what extent is what backed up? Like are all your tweaks you had restored? All Cydia apps restored? Repos are re-added? .plist files from Custom UI tweaks saved? Any advice or experience you've had and would like to share will be greatly appreciated Also, hypothetically speaking, is there a way to backup/sync "non-purchased" songs from my iPhone's Music app that I may or may not have obtained through a tweak like LinkTunes to iTunes on my laptop? Or would it self delete if I sync my iPhone? My laptop screen is getting replaced, so this is all in preparation once my designated laptop gets fixed.
  7. Unfortunately, you must have 9.3 to install it. Otherwise, you're "unable to download at this time." Spoofing a string that calls your iOS version doesn't enable an iOS specific app to be installed. In other words, you anyone using an iOS below 9.3, this will not work for you. Thanks for posting
  8. Living la dolce vita. Life couldn't get any sweeter.

  9. I knowwww man I got no friends on XBL. And not gonna buy ANOTHER console x)
  10. Hey it's ya boy Javi Tech! I'm looking for anyone interested in teaming up for Overwatch on XBL. Yeah I've got a mic. I mostly play support heroes Competitive but other modes are fair game too. Drop a post here if you're down for some online play. Btw, you don't have to be great lol.
  11. On the top right bar you'll see your username. Click it and a panel will pop up. One of the options called "My Content" shows what you're looking for.
  12. What do you mean "iPhone won't power on?" As in the screen lights up but won't boot up? Or like it's completely dead and nothing lights up?
  13. Cya in 2 months :wave:

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      There is just a Autohack, but every other mod is VIP only..

    3. Sakswa


      Just waiting for him to come back

  14. So you're not gonna share the solution?
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