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  1. Okay, so unlimited energy works. It drains all of your energy down to 1 but never runs out. No friends cool down makes the game super laggy but haven’t tested it to see if it works.
  2. To add: when using the energy hack, your energy decreases and the task you’re trying to complete registers you doing one out of X moves and never progresses. But it still takes energy away each time you try to progress on said task
  3. I’m getting this error dpkg: error processing archive FantasticBeasts.deb (--install): parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/control' near line 10 package 'com.joka.fantasticbeastsfreehack': error in 'Version' field string '2.3.7805-': revision number is empty Errors were encountered while processing: FantasticBeasts.deb
  4. It’s broken. When I enable unlimited energy, it doesn’t allow progress on the task it just stays there but takes energy away.
  5. When ever you have “friend” interactions. Like when you have to “assure” your friends what you want them to do is the right thing to do. I enable the currency option, check on the friend I’m about to interact with in the friends menu, and if it isn’t a lot of gems, I close the game and check friends again. If it’s a lot of gems, I do the objective, and right before I collect it, I turn the currency hack off. Works every time for me. iPhone 8+ iOS 11.3.1
  6. What I do is basically this but I turn it off right before I collect the reward and it works. I have over 1 billion gems
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