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  1. This game isn’t worth playing anymore the devs really made it unplayable and too many hackers
  2. Is this version working for anyone I can’t play a match it gets stuck trying load the maps on bloody battle and squad but the regular App Store version works normal?
  3. @DADi I know your probably busy and I hate to keep bugging you while we are anticipating this update boss whenever your hands are not tied thanks! Non JB and JB versions. For some reason I was jailbroken with chimera and my phone automatically updated itself to iOS 13 and man that sucked hopefully we get an iOS 13 jb soon
  4. @DADi We would appreciate an update boss thanks!
  5. @Joka I put in a hack request for the new version 1.8 bro, will you be removing or adding hacks to the game and if so which ones? @Joka what is your new website bro?
  6. Name of the game you want hacked: Hopeless Land For Survival Version of the game: 1.8 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hopeless-land-for-survival/id1315528083 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Both please Requested Features: All the same features as the previous version except to fix some of the hacks that didn’t work for the non jailbroken version like 1 hit kill vehicles and fix the issue where when you jump in a car it don’t sink under ground without having to remove shoot through walls because that works great. Thanks
  7. Can y’all please find some new hacks for this game seriously!
  8. The glitch to get inside rocks is easy first things first. Step 1. Find a good size rock that your body can fit inside of. Step 2. Get rid of your item that is in the slot where your frying pan or shovel goes so that you just have your fists. Step 3. With your fists selected walk up to the rock and tap the jump button and once you start to climb the rock immediately switch to equip your primary or secondary weapon and then you will fall inside the rock. Step 4. You can shoot from inside the rock and nobody can see you even their aim bot can’t find you, when you want out of the rock just run out simple as that. I hope this glitch helps some of you. I will continue to find glitches in this game and post them on here.
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