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  1. I think, while we're waiting for his update, we still can continue playing on original app. here is my account from days 18 to 23 https://imgur.com/a/pZ2v9lI
  2. I'm waiting for your update --- pic from hack ipa ---- https://imgur.com/a/uANU4dM ---- pic from original ipa in store- --- https://imgur.com/a/uKTWqgF
  3. After I had banned several time I would like to recommend you all that **1. Do not go too high stage within the first month ***2. Do not beat the high level guild boss event alone!!! (( also do not use a too little energy to beat high level boss for example killing high level boss with 100 energy )) (Super high risk) (Super high risk) (Super high risk) ****3. Do not use too much Energy (Super high risk) (Super high risk) (Super high risk) To be more safer do not buy Energy charge I also recommend you to attack boss in lower level instead of attack boss directly. Ex. event boss level is 40 then you can attack boss level 18/29 instead of 40.
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