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  1. Nice hack ! Btw anyone know how to activate Localiapstore in non jailbreak system ? Im on 11.3
  2. Name of the game you want hacked: This War Of Mine Version of the game: 1.5.3 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/this-war-of-mine/id982175678?mt=8 Requested Features: + Freeze items - (No crash please) Thank you very much !!!
  3. Against all expectations we release the update on Monday ? It takes a lot to get to the new locations for many players so we did everything we could to help you! The chance of tank drop in bunker boxes and in “Engineer” packs is increased 5 times! Assemble Chopper and go due North. Northern locations aren’t for wimps, that’s why we decreased the “Rare weapon” cost by 50%. Pay attention - the offer is time-limited! As usual, we continue working on technical issues. We fixed bugs and increased the overall game performance! Don’t forget to inform us on all problems you experience or make your suggestions, because your feedback helps us make Last day on Earth better and better every day!
  4. The update is already available! Click on Update and start reading our Devblog. We are expanding the horizons, literally. We don’t even know what to start with, everything is so tasty… let’s go from small to big. We have received many requests to do something with chests, to make them occupy smaller place. Well, the problem has been solved! Now there are 15 slots in a small chest, 25 in a chest and the most important thing there is a special “storage” you can craft and it will have 35 slots! This will allow you to make your base sizes smaller, so it will take less materials to fortify it. Less walls - less resources! As we have already mentioned building, let’s move on to it. Now there are level 4 walls and floor available, they are iron. One won’t be able to blow them up and their price will be respective. Also you will be able to place trip wire traps on your base.They will send notifications of uninvited guests to your device. Surprisingly enough, very few of you noticed the number of slots change in the inventory during our stream. You probably didn’t need that, did you?) Anyway, you can put more things into the pockets - not 8 but 10! Also, now you will be able to make a military backpack. This way you will be able to bring more resources to your base. Impressed? It’s just the beginning. We have decreased the time it takes to travel to objects on the map. Now you will spend less energy, and this will give you more opportunities and allow you to make a lot more actions during a game session. There is now a watchtower available that will help you to unlock an unknown part of the map. However, it’s not that simple! First, you’ll have to repair it. You will need a powerful source of energy. You will be able to find it in blueprints. And yes, don’t forget to arm yourself with good weapons before exploring new territories. You never know what or who can live there... Apart from the tower, there will be two more types of farming locations available. They are oak grove that you have already seen and new, winter locations. Yes, that’s right. You will find so many things there! For example, new animal species - foxes. As winter locations make the parameter of cold meaningful, there will be warm winter clothes in the game, and the fox will be the main source of warm fur. All the rest clothes will protect you from cold a little, but not that effective. Keep in mind that it’s really cold in winter locations. Freezing characters will be slow, they will lose health little by little and won’t be able to attack. It’s good that every survivor can build a fire! Everyone probably thought about the same thing when the phrase “oak grove” came up. Well, you are right! Steel and oak logs are now available. However, remember: you can obtain these resources only with an iron hatchet and pickaxe. Oaks are stronger than pines, you know. We have drastically changed the system of lighting: sunsets are stronger now, the lighting is nicer, and the shadows are softer. We have added more decorations, little objects and mushrooms (which can be eaten), and animals’ behaviour is more realistic. Deer are picking the grass, foxes are sniffing something out. We have added a new furnace to the game. The old one used for smelting iron ore, and now copper ore as well, is the same and the new one is for more complex types of metal. For smelting you will need more resources, there are 5 slots - 1 for fuel and 4 for objects. In winter locations you will encounter new zombie types. Their behavior differs a little from the familiar ones, so be careful during the fight. For example, pay attention to the fact that some enemies learned to use first aid kits and other items from the inventory. Anyway, don’t relax, constant alertness is the key to surviving! Oh yes, almost forgot. The bunker resets once in 48 hours now. Also, you can watch a general video, with all the most interesting in the update! We hope you like it! Survivors, we wish you to spend the weekend in the most awesome way! Dear iOS users, the update will be available in the App Store in 2-3 days. Thanks for your support! Read about future updates in our blog’s next posts!
  5. I just tested, the GC popup and restore just fine. Maybe something wrong with ur device or internet connection ? Reset or check ur connection.
  6. Please check ur internet connection if its stable. Incase ur GC already logged in, press connect ingame, close app and re-open to check if it connects.
  7. Name of app you want hacked: Sailor Moon Drops Version of the app: 1.18.1 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sailor-moon-drops/id1088134142?mt=8 Requested features: Unlimited life (heart) Unlimited gems (to buy skill, stuff) Unlimited Trophies (to exchange prize) Or ANY HACK is ok <---------------------------- Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-jailbroken Thank you!
  8. How to please everyone is an essential question. But those who are patiently waiting for something, certainly get it. New event, new weapon, latest changes in balance. Let’s start and get to the bottom of every change. We’ll begin with a good and long-awaited one. The new event is already available only for owners of precious Сhoppers. Yes, yes, if you’ve managed to collect all parts and make it - take your way to new discoveries and trophies, if you haven’t - don’t waste time and assemble it right now! To make the task easier we increased the chances of chopper parts drop from boxes in the Lobby of the Alfa bunker. Gas tanks will drop twice as often. We remind that unlike floors nearly everyone can get to the Lobby regardless of their device. We’ve been waiting for this weapon no less than you have Probably most of us wanted to run through post-apocalyptic locations with a bow from the early beginning. And the time has come! We remember you speculated on how much the arrows will damage when we shared the first animation There were many theories but all of them were wrong. It’s damage will depend on how much you nock the bowstring. Weakly - less damage, strongly - more damage. An arrow can damage from 8 to 20 points. And, incidentally, pay attention to the fact that you can miss a shot. Don’t aim too long! We continue attentively reading your feedback and add changes to game’s balance. We’ve already mentioned increasing of chopper parts drop above. We’re planning to add some changes to the way the bunker works and probably we’ll slightly change Zombie Hordes. We remind that they can’t break level 3 and stronger walls, they can’t break your home boxes and we highly recommend to spend some time on improving your base. We also shared a video where Last Day on Earth was presented as a first-person shooter this week. No, we don’t plan to change the game this way ReplayKit support has been added for iOS players which allows to record and stream your adventures. Pay attention, that for streaming you need an app that supports ReplayKit. If it happens that you don’t have one, Game Center will suggest you some variants, so take a shot! We plan to add the same feature for Android. We’ve also added emotions to a character. To trigger emotion menu you need to tap and hold on your character or use an IOS force touch feature. There are only 3 emotions at the moment but their number will be increased in the future. As you could have noticed, our artists always please us with arts and sketches. Today’s blog we finish with a new work from our artist Survivors, we wish you to spend the weekend in the most awesome way! Dear iOS users, the update will be available in the App Store in 2-3 days. Thanks for your support! Read about future updates in our blog’s next posts!
  9. Uninstall ur current game then install new hack. Yes its out
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