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  1. @Laxus hello laxus, can u help update the facebook modded please? Need the dark mode on the new update, can you help? :( 

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    2. Laxus


      There is other version of modded facebook from other people which you don't need to login everytime you close the app. But I can't say it is trusted or not, do you want it or do you want my version?

    3. tomr1ddle


      Sure, if u send me a link for download the IPA, that would be great?

    4. tomr1ddle


      But u know what, before u update the app to v.325

      I have v287.0 

      no need to login like this newer version 

    5. Laxus



    6. tomr1ddle


      Thank you

  2. hello K_K if u dont mind we need update hunt royale 😭

  3. @K_K hello K_K hope u doing great, if u dont mind, we need update of the"Hunt Royale", please, and thank you very much, u are awesome..... :)

    1. tomr1ddle


      @Laxus hello sir, do u think,u can help with the update? 🙂

  4. we need update this game please, release new update about v1.1.4, thank you very much
  5. @Rook hello, can u check DM please, thank you very much :D

    1. Rook


      Did I reply to yours? If not, reply to it again! Sorry about that!

    2. tomr1ddle


      its fine, thanks rook... u are awesome

  6. @Laxus

    hello laxus... hope u doing great,,,
    can u help me with sweet escapes? feature for 'infinity move" not work anymore, could u update please? 
    thank you....

    1. Laxus
    2. tomr1ddle


      Thanks man

      u are the best

  7. After 13.5 Unc0ver jailbreak, Any tweak update? 

    1. R3qlzz


      What do you mean ? Tweak update ? Sorry im new

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