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  1. Thks @cz1993 it works amazingly. password: cz1993thebest (read instructions properly) it will crash the first time, do it again, type faster, till it no longer crash, restart game & play. pee & sh!t on his pant - coz wen u turn on the max/low resources, u go straight to his bagpack menu. Wen max/low resources turn on, go to craft section. Reset the points & ull get infinite coins & points. You can only on max/low resources wen ure on the map (outside), not inside locations or ur game will crash. Turn it off first den u can enter the desired location. (Watch the video more den 10x till u understand) Duplicate items - wen ure inside location, turn on the "game hack stable", the 2nd button. If it doesnt work, turn off n turn it on again. It will work. 1st button must always turn on. Dont turn it off or it reset ur game to where u left off. still dont understand? While u're on the game, watch the video, n do exactly wat he did one by one. u wan fast chopper? Download ozarmo or lukedrago save data. Everythin u nd is there. cant finalize atv tank? Coz the developer hasnt implemented in the game yet. Wait for the upcoming updates. wan to craft weapons? The developer hasnt implemented the rest of the materials in the game yet. Wait for the upcoming updates. items not freeze - if the craft item is 20 pcs, it will use up the 20 pcs in ur bagpack. If the craft is less than 20 pcs, it will stay 20pcs in ur bagpack. Split many on crafting that nd 20pcs. this hack is only for jailbroken devices. Non jailbroken, pls wait. He juz released this today. Have patience. if the above doesnt answer ur questions, it means, theres something wrong with ur phone, ask the pros for help for installation & such.
  2. @oZarmo its working, cld u pls add in lotsa shotguns & ak47 like 5 to 10 chests pls? Tyvm!
  3. Thks @oZarmo its working perfectly fine. Can u also add in tons of guns like 10 chests of shotgun, ak17 & ak47 each if possible? Coz localiapstore not workin anymore no way to craft guns for now. Idk if u can clone miniguns as well if possible. Tyvm!
  4. @oZarmo can u do a mod damage or godmode for this game pls? Rly appreciate it, tyvm!
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