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  1. Unlimited mana from killing mobs, don't work for me. And I don't understand the 100% one, I tried just running a round with no towers and it didn't give me the 100%. Don't join clans, got banned from it apparently. But only from joining and creating clans. I can still play.
  2. It's not working now, after i updated the app, anyone else? Nvm, didn't see the latest update for this. Keep up the good work ?
  3. Seems like I got banned today, after 32 days of use, might have used too much damage(300 last time I raided). I get No internet connection, when I open the game, even tried reinstalling the game, but didn't fix it. So I guess they blocked me from opening their game.
  4. I have been using it over a week now, still not banned. I mostly use dmg hack to attack other players, around 200-300 in dmg atm, I am only level 20. Don't complete the whole campaign for the materials, upgrade the stuff which uses less time, use meteorites ONLY for buying more builders, so don't use it on speedup and other stuff, and don't buy materials with meteorites, you will get plenty. Don't get the meterials to max, if neccessary. Don't upgrade the base too much, upgrade it only when you mostly maxed other buildings and you need the base to be higher level. Warrior's Cave is important to upgrade, you will need better warriors to raid other players, plus warriors are cheap to produce. Raid only players which have only 1-9 more levels than you, but do look at these kind of bases, if it's one of those Pro base that belongs to a level which is close to you don't attack it or a Pay2Win player, since they will defenitely report you since they use money to get good, but see you cheat etc. Have max troops and use all troops when raiding each time, only if it's a low level base, then use the required amount It doesn't matter if you destroy the whole base(sometimes it looks really unlegit of a level 20 destroying a level 27, just go for 1 star minimum, so you get league points and as much material as possible. I don't use dumb enemies, because I think they can see, that their defence isn't moving or whatever. This game is a waiting'ish game, which takes time to get good at, so don't expect you will play long enough to get to a high level, if you rush things and kills players which is double the level. But that is for you to decide. That's what I would do.
  5. Yes I know, but I saw on their facebook page, that they blocked over 100 cheaters in June. So I was wondering if there is a limit on how much you can do in damage.
  6. Is there a limit or detection on how much you damage? atm you don't really need it, since dumb enemies stop them from attacking(?)
  7. That's the thing. Even without the hacks, I still got billions of energy. I even installed it on another device and still had the energy.
  8. I can't even do the new event, the destroyer convoy, because you need max 70 energy to activate it. And I got over a billion energy that won't even go down, even with the cheats off. Is there a way to remove the energy?
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