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About This Club

A Club dedicated to Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I just found this game and so far i have not seen a single hack for non jail break. I am wondering if their is one i can use.
  3. Non-Jailbroken is coming soon. Keep your eye on the Jailed section. https://iosgods.com/forum/78-vip-non-jailbroken-hacks-cheats/
  4. Everything is good to have, but action skipping is most important. It would be great to have it for NonJB version!
  5. I am new to this how do you download hack do I have to be vip member every time I click on a link it tells me that I have to download different apps like steps 1-2 ect I do have jail broken iPhone just trying to figure this out thank you
  6. Hey man, I'd love it if you could add the Old Items and/or Characters and the Unlock Characters Early feature Missed out on a few in the past short weekend events! Thanks,
  7. @DiDa bro, can ya give us for now only Free Character Action Skipping and Early Unlock Characters ? 'Cuz it's like impossible mission to complet fry and hattie uh emoji don't work in "club" ? I can see when I "edit" but not after posting ?
  8. Hm, I would like the last one too with free store/premium itens + unlock old items/characters, will be amazing.. Thanks
  9. Hi, like the last one + Free Land Clear(ing) Skipping + Rent skipppp Thank you in advance
  10. Out of all the features that are currently available in our ViP Jailbroken hack, which would you like to see in our Non-Jailbroken version of the cheat? Keep in mind, Non-Jailbroken users cannot turn the features ON & OFF. Hack Features- Free Store-- Free Supplies-- Free Buildings-- Free Decorations- Free Premium Items in Store- Free Rent Skipping- Free Character Action Skipping- Free Land Clear Skipping- Free Land Clearing- Fuel Hack- Unlock All Shop Items- Unlock Old Items- Early Unlock Characters

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