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  1. Heads up. Minor game update - Current game version is now 2.0.39 💚
  2. There's a new update to the game. If it's not too much trouble could you please update the mod too. Thank you ❤️
  3. @L1TA0 Thank you very much for this mod. I was really wanting one for this game. I am happy enough with the mod as it is however just a couple things I'd like to mention. - The mod runs great, it works and there is no lag. - Unlimited ammo works perfectly fine - There is still a cooldown on weapons other than Auto Cannons which thanks to your mod never Overheats therefore never has to cooldown. Perhaps you meant to say "No Overheat" in the description instead of no cooldown. - I do not understand what "No Spread" does. I can't seem to notice any sort of beneficial difference. The Auto-Cannons all act extremely strange/buggy though, perhaps the "No Spread" is responsible for this. If so, I think it would be best to remove the No Spread feature. Most weapons, especially Auto-Cannons are not supposed to be perfectly accurate and the spread is actually desirable in helping to clear a larger radius. Anyway, Thanks again for your mod. If you feel like updating it to address any of these issues I'm sure a lot of us would appreciate it. If not, I'm happy anyway and I still appreciate it very much. I was willing to donate $5 for someone to mod this game. Even though there are those few issues and there is also no menu etc, I will still honor my word, especially if you are able to fix the issues. I care little about having the menu. How can I donate? ❤️
  4. Hello, just letting you know the game has been force updated to 2.9.1 😘
  5. I would love to see a hack for this game too.. I can contribute $5
  6. Hello, there's a new update to the game. It's now on 1.13.23, please update the hack whenever you can. Thank you very much! ❤️
  7. Bash Programming Language - [Hack] Free compilations Name of the app you want hacked: Bash - Programming Language Version of the app: 13.0 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/bash-programming-language/id500471228 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken Requested Features: 1- Free unlimited compilations Thank you very much!
  8. Hello, the game has been updated to 2.7.1 - Please update the hack, thanks
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