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  1. https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/notebook-for-golf-clash/id1448143628 Has anyone tried this paid app? Is it worth buying? Does the overlay really help much? Seems a bit pricey for a companion app so just wondering if anyone has any feedback regarding justification of the cost. Thanks
  2. Merry Christmas 🎄 Happy Hanukkah 🇮🇱 Kwanzaa 💃🏾 and Festivus 💈for the rest of us!
  3. The game has recently been updated to version 2.7.0 in the app store.
  4. It worked! Thanks, i never would've thought about doing that. I'm so glad you replied, thanks again! ❤️
  5. After doing about three missions in Fort Moss all of a sudden I was not able to start the next mission. I am able to talk to the guy who gives the tasks and he’s got the next task ready for me but the game won’t let me press the button to start. I’ve tried disabling the cheats, restarting the game, completely disabling the mod via icleaner + respring. I’ve even tried loading my game on a different non-jailbroken device yet the start button remains greyed out no matter what I try. Has this happened to anyone else? Did I somehow break my game? Could I just be missing something in the actual game that I’m supposed to do first before this task? I’d love to know whats going on here! I don’t think it would be wise to contact customer support and risk incriminating myself. So please, if anyone has any thoughts, theories, guesses, possible causes or solutions.. anything at all, please comment and let me know what you think! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Wait, I actually won?! Ha that's awesome! Thank you so much I'm stoked! I am jailbroken but I would prefer non-jailbroken vip please. Cheers! ❤️
  7. Hi, this hack doesnt seem to be working for me. It says it can't auto update 3/4 cheats and the only one that does update (godmode) doesn't seem to work. I enable it and nothing happens. Version 4.1.0 Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, it's update time again please. I know it can be a hassle but we really appreciate what you do. The sort of good thing about this game is at least the updates are relatively far apart. It's usually about 3 weeks inbetween updates (average) Thanks for everything!
  9. Hello, please update this hack whenever you can. Thank you vey much!
  10. I am also very interested in this. Thanks
  11. Crap, the game is forcing us to update to version 2.2.2 🙄
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