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Welcome all to discuss everything about One Piece Treasure Cruise here. You can share your experiences, screenshot or everything about O.P.T.C here.

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  3. Me too I've been playing this game since the last 3 years, quit and came back over and over again Your friend must've had bad luck and incredible patience I got bored already after 4-5 rerolls And dont worry, you're still better than me (I have 4 legends ) and 250 is still a large number of gems you will be fine
  4. bandsh!t allways do that every years , give to many bait sugo with fake boosted legend char , before real anni sugo ๐Ÿ˜‚ but i dont know why im so happy with my game optc like a drug for me ๐Ÿ™„ my friend try rerroling in this globest sugo and after 6 hours he just got 1 legend ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”จ and im feeling so bad cs i just have 250 gem for da real anni and im only have 6 legend in my box (2 useless , 2 hopeless 2 usefull/ 6 zorro , 6 neko , 6 usop , 6 jinbe, 6 kuzan , 6LL ) ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚ ("ANNI IS PLANNI") (>,<")7
  5. Yeah I think it's ez too. That's why I'm doubtful that they have any trap for us "What are you planning, BANDAI?"
  6. 20K likes 6K retweet , its so ez for optc player ๐Ÿ˜‚ free legend im ready ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  7. Good deal from BANDAI my friends Condition: Clear the quest (autowin) (must be between Feb. 14 and 27) + 20K Fb likes + 600 times Twitter Retweeted Rewards: 1 6-star character (you choose from the selected list ) + 10 gems REMEMBER to log in to clear the quest and like+retweet (even better if you "ask" your friends to do it ) so we can all get a 6-star for free
  8. for FTP captain luffy 5+ & 6* magelan (rainbow team) use sunny go ship/clash boost ship (fishman karate ship/dofy ship) i has try in 40stam/60stam without cheat and thats work for kicking out sanji from my prehistoric phone screen ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  9. that was sugobait 5week 5bait sugo bandsh!t ๐Ÿ˜‚ it must ez to skip for us , just waiting for real anni (around late feb-early march)
  10. Yeah it almost got me with the line โ€œTo celebrate the 3rd Anniversaryโ€ Thank you for the heads up ! Not this time, BANDAI...Not this time
  11. Hello ! I saw Comeback Sugo-fest today. Is this the 3rd Anniversary Sugo-fest or just another bait?
  12. Sanji Raid Boss (new) start time 11-02-2018 19.00 Helpful Links Gamewith Guide W/ English Steps F2P Captains Legend Captains Kuzan 6+ Clear Time 3:35 2x Kuzan 6+, Legend Doffy, Boa Marigold, Neo Mihawk, FN Giolla Law (QCK) Clear Time 3:25 2x Law, Kuzan 6+, RR Boa Sandersonia, RR Boa Marigold, Colo Nekomamushi Lucci (QCK) Clear Time 2:46 2x Lucci, Legend Blackbeard, RR Boa Marigold, RR SWS Zoro, Raid Fuji Uses Anni Ship Clear Time 2:00 2x Lucci, Legend Whitebeard, RR Boa Marigold, RR TS Sanji, Colo Neko Uses Anni Ship Lucy Clear Time 3:34 2x Lucy, RR Cavendish, RR Bartolomeo, Limited RR Kizaru, Colo Lucy Clear Time 3:51 2x Lucy, 20th Anniversary Brook, RR Rayleigh, RR Buggy, RR Cavendish Luffy (TS) Clear Time 2:09 2x Luffy, 6+ Boa, RR Speed Jil, RR SWS Zoro, Invasion Shanks Uses Anni Ship RR Captains Zoro (20th Anniversary) Clear Time 2:50 20th Zoro/20th Luffy, RR Boa Marigold, 20th Anni Luffy, SW Usopp, RR Lucci Uses Anni Ship
  13. Version 7.3 Update Added "Limit Break" feature" Other minor fixes Moved "Shipyard" to bottom left of the "Crew" menu Moved "Voyage Log" to "Others" menu Log in between 8 February 02:00 PST and 16 February 23:59 PST to receive the following set: Guiding Stone: Fragment x30 Guiding Stone: Crystal x 10 Guiding Stone: Jewel x2 You can only choose 1 colour so STR, DEX, QCK, PSY or INT. The mail with with the LB mats becomes unusable on 28 February 23:59 PST. The following FNs have been permanently added to the Rookie Quests tab: Perona's Wonder Garden Young Buggy and Young Shanks Halloween Strawhats Part 1 Halloween Strawhats Part 2 There are multiple reports community side that the game lags/crashes. There have been no official statement from Bandai about this. Characters available for Limit Break Legends v1 Fujitora Sakazuki Usopp/6+ Usopp Magellan v2 Boa v2 Law v2 Lucci Rare Recruit Izo Apoo Buffalo Gladius Don Chin Jao Abdullah and Jeet Leo Don Sai SW Usopp Van Ogre Tsuru Caribou Log Kid Fisher Tiger Limited Aokiji Limited Akainu Limited Jinbe Limited Kizaru Jinbe Ivankov Hannyabal Mr. 2 Bon Clay Boa Sandersonia Boa Marigold Marguerite Bepo Raids Mihawk Zephyr Blackbeard Kizaru Coliseums Byrnndi World Gladius Others Monkey D. Luffy - Gear 2 5+ Luffy
  14. Just take your time, prioritize your hw/pj. There's no need to be hurry, we can wait
  15. I'm aware of it. I need to find time to update when I have homework/projects
  16. In the future when my job position is stable definitely I will Also I tried to donate to Amuyeaโ€™ paypal once but ended up failing and losing money dont understand why Again thank you !

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