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Welcome all to discuss everything about One Piece Treasure Cruise here. You can share your experiences, screenshot or everything about O.P.T.C here.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Can we autowin in this event 6th anniversary for collecting points ?
  3. Well it said “KO that means knock out one hit right ? Is that safe there is no high damage
  4. attack hack and godmode + unlimited spaces+skill turn save for use in TM
  5. I have a somewhat stupid question I suppose, you can use attack hack and godmode + unlimited spaces in the TM without being banned or warned, that is. If you do NOT use time saver (1 wave win), are you also banned in TM? Thanks!
  6. Yesterday, the app got revoked by apple and today we can download again BUT if I download it again i will lost my account. Any idea to help that?
  7. I used high damage in TM Luffy as well, no Ban confirmed on GLOBAL
  8. So high damage still won't get you ban? Im gonna use high damage and God Mode on tmr TM on japan server
  9. Please read this before using the hack. Note: The hack works on all x64 & x32 devices. What are OK to use? God Mode Skill Turn High Damage (Possible to be fine) What are NOT OK to use? Auto-Win If you don't follow these, you will get this
  10. I tried on low account and didn't get banned for using high damage during the treasure map
  11. I didn't get banned, I used God Mode and Skill Turn. So far as I know, Autowin gets you warn/ban in treasure map Just winning the battle.
  12. Did anyone get banned because of using cheats in treasure map? And I dont know how points are counted by the amount of damage or winning is enough? Please help me thank you !
  13. Cause you use hack on TM. You can still farm in TM but no point
  14. Have any got no points for playing treasure map? They send me a message that they found a misconduct behaviour from my account. But I don't get banned.
  15. heres a vid tutorial credit to u/DecimaI and the text guide https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePieceTC/wiki/guides/reroll/ios
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