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Open Club  ·  158 members

Another Eden

About This Club

In this group we can share what chapters has keys/quest keys, hints, equipment locations and things we can share with each other to avoid getting banned

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I posted asking about this - it isn't showing in the base app but does still show in app+. Download does not work there either, though. Basically it's outdated, author has to update to 1.9.100 in order for us to see it in the iOSGods app again.
  3. so for those who still are new to the club or check this daily on September 26, 2019 at 3:41 am 676 players were banned for breaching the terms of service... including myself if you are planning to use this hacks I would not recommend doing so because you WILL MOST LIKELY be banned...
  4. How come I cannot see the hidden content when I click them
  5. ipados 打开游戏闪退。
  6. I made the mistake of picking up the goblin loincloth does that mean I need to restart
  7. So with the server wide certificate revoking, does this also affect VIP users, or can I subscribe to VIP and use App+ to re-cert and load the hack again?
  8. Error Code 6 has nothing to do with a ban
  9. Hey does anyone know when they gonna update?
  10. @Luckymouse26 Yes if you picked up a chant script it will be 10x
  11. Hi y’all doing? I’m just wondering, say we got chant script, so does that mean we’re gonna get 10x chant script because of this app ? Thank you so much
  12. For every update they make, I suggest that you delete the ipa hacked game and install the original one from the app store to avoid the chance of getting banned before the update. Have fun guys! next update will have tons of rewards!
  13. Hey guys, I know some of you are already far ahead in the story. If you're going to use the hack for BLACK PEARLS I would suggest to pick up only one of this at a time. There's a possibility you could get insta ban from this because you really cant have 30 black pearls in one run. Also, I know there's a new feature such as GOD MODE and Unlimited MP I suggest to that you do not abuse this especially if your characters are not fit enough for that specific battle. Play safe everyone!
  14. Eike

    1000 Bans

    I just contacted them and im not banned too
  15. yeah i heard about the ban wave and thankfully nope!
  16. Anyone got banned in the group? I’ve been getting an error code 6
  17. You can find something about Another Eden in here. https://altema.jp/anaden/
  18. Did anyone got banned today? There was supposed to be a ban wave starting May
  19. Make sure to explore all room in this chapter it gives you a level 44 ring
  20. Hey guys so for those who are new and looking into using these hacks: I highly recommend that you use these hacks when you have reached Reveal hidden contents at this point you will unlock Reveal hidden contents The hacks are most efficient here since there are no quest/key items that you can obtain here. ( collecting Key/ Quest Items with these hacks will prevent you from progressing through the story. It has happened to me and a few others on chapter 23 ( read previous posts for more details Careful of spoilers) For those of you who have picked up a key / quest item WITH THESE HACKS unfortunately there is NO FIX/SOLUTION and you will most likely have to START A BRAND NEW GAME FURTHERMORE: I have not tried these hacks on the new Episode that was released in patch ver 1.1.100 Two knights and the holy sword I will most likely not use the hacks here either since this "story" may have key items as well. IF anyone has used these hacks in the new episode let us know if there are key/quest items in the episode- thanks happy gaming guys! credit to: @Diamond D.VA Main
  21. If you get this error. DO NOT WORRY. You simply got put in timeout because you're switching way too much from iOSGods app another eden to the original app from appstore. I'm not sure how long is the timeout but for my account it took me at least 6 hours. They are currently banning players who are using third party software so if I were you i would keep a low profile for now. https://imgur.com/EBIReoI

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