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  1. So im only seeing two options, God mode and infinite mp in the new update... Unlimited ether and sc gone? also the update does not work at all, crashes game with either option toggled during battle
  2. Yeah! Can confirm same thing, Deleted the old deb file and installed the new one, game crashes/ cant open game with the new deb file. so I just installed the old one I had from July 19th. game crashes with infinite SP when i go to use a special attack
  3. Having that exact issue, the unlimited ether isnt working either. Trying to us my arks to gain more stuff during battle, can only use once
  4. Doesnt work for me, did the install but nothing happens. Just tells me that my device is jailbroken
  5. I believe I am using the official filza, http://cydia.saurik.com/package/com.tigisoftware.filza/ is the one im using
  6. Hello everyone, im trying to install a hack/cheat app instructions say to install deb file with filza, ive done that, but it crashes as soon as I install the package. filza version is: 3.8.1-29 ive tried to delete the app ad redownload it a few times now. Still no luck can someone please help me
  7. So this crashes when I try to install it using Filza, anyone have an idea on how to fix it? on ios 14.2 jailbroken
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