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A Club to discuss everything related to BLEACH Brave Souls!

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  2. I created a guild for iosgods users the guild is named WeDestroy but if you can’t find it add me then request to join my name is Ichigoblac come join my guild and skyrocket to the top
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  6. Please use the search bar located on the top-right corner of iOSGods. :) Read our "How to unlock/reveal the hidden content" topic: https://iosgods.com/topic/3762-info-how-to-unlockreveal-the-hidden-content/
  7. Can anyone give me the iOS mod link for bleach brave soul plz thx
  8. Hello , did anyone have iphone X and the mod work ?
  9. Anyone have tips or guide to always win in pvp?
  10. Yes, using on Guild Quest, Coop, and PVP can get you banned. There was a warning earlier this year and a few weeks later a HUGE ban wave came. I stopped modding in general after the warning. I've been playing for almost 3 years and have modded for over 2 years. No warning until they caught on because of Guild Quests. I didn't want to risk getting banned so I stopped but maybe others who got the warning and still kept modding can help you more.
  11. I just rerolled a nice acc with green yama, new ulqi, blue kenny, and kaname. Im wondering if I should just play legit or try and use hacks for the event quest like nightmare mode. My question is, can I get banned for using the hack in guild quest, senkama quest, events, and normal story? Obviously ur using a hack there is a small chance of everything but just wondering how rare it is
  12. will i get ban by using vip-non jailbreak for the 6.2.3 for co-op only . i saw many people got banned recently. thank you
  13. Lol only thing to do is reset your account RIP
  14. the ban hammer finnaly got me, both account together, maybe they are checking out Coop... as i was not modding in battle.
  15. i stoped to hit above 170k, stop making to much combo, or using to much soul bomb, and i play the map slow
  16. Did you mod the guild quest ? If yes how come you're not banned ?
  17. @DiDA i know what to search to make what he's speaking about, but @Ted2 told me that its not possible to find the offset with lldb... so, if i can help you send me a pm and i tell you what i know
  18. dont listen to him, he just have been ban btw pirate have only 4 player left out of 20 maybe its about using to much soul bomb? idk...
  19. @DeDonKillhaIf I'm not mistaken it is a server issue.. Basically on KLab's end.. Especially if you have a great internet connection.. Sometime's it's the connection of whoever is the Host of the Coop..
  20. good day to you all. to keep it short , i got a problem whenever i try to play coop , i get "connection timed out" error if any of you guys got any suggestions to solve this problem i would be thankful
  21. I'm not from pirates but they definetly have a work around, my work around is to hit 170-174k finish with 30-45 seconds left combo no more than 700
  22. Same question Did you guys stopped using the mods in guild quest or you guys know a way to not be ban while using the mod in guild quest ?

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