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A Club to discuss everything related to BLEACH Brave Souls!

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  2. Hello guys, what I usually do when a new version of the game drops is that I spoof the version of the game so I can still use the hacks and do dailies while waiting for @DiDA to update the hack. so to do that don't update the game instead use ifile or filza or any file browser to navigate to the game folder for iOS 11 it is /var/containers/Bundle/Application/Bleach/bleach.app in that folder you will find a file called ( info.plist ) open it and then change the ( CFBundleShortVersionString ) to the newest version for example 6.0.2 , and change ( CFBundleVersion ) to the newest version also, for example 6.0.2 this way the game will think that you updated and will let you log in. notice this will work most of the time but not always unfortunately. keep farming those orbs
  3. if any of y'all need a guild join 911
  4. Not sure if you can search it ingame, Guild name is YoLoN1GGAs. If not, add me as friend, search me with id 89-223-607. I will manually invite you so you can join.
  5. Hey, The jailbreak itself might need updating rather than the hack. The hack works like any other deb/tweak from Cydia.
  6. Hi I just wanted to know if there’s any chance of making bleach brave souls hack work on Electra Jailbreak for iOS11, if it is possible can the creator ( DiDA ) update the hack to be usable on Electra JB please :’)
  7. any possible hacks or mod my app automatically updated to 5.4.0 and hack for 5.3.2 wont work
  8. Hey Guys, did anyone of U the current extreme CoOp for the 3th Seat or above with Mod & have place??? Better send me PM for details if u have a free slot (: Thanks & Greetz to all
  9. 存档还是apk? 大部分都是apk。 试一下以下这些安卓版本的:
  10. any tutorial or Suggestions, thx
  11. i always have crystal/coin links to get 90% more crystal, its so fast!
  12. yeah hope they don't do a check up. otherwise I'm screwed!
  13. Same here, issue is that now if devs ever look at the account for some reason they'll ban it. I have some of the 5* Raids complete under 1 minute. Shame since I pulled all 4 of the new TYBW Units.
  14. The hack is safe. I've been using it both Offline and Online. Just don't abuse it too much

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