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About This Club

A Club to discuss everything related to BLEACH Brave Souls!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. You’ll have to run guild quest legit , not worth a ban
  3. Hey, so as said in the title I would like us Modder to play together co op/epic raids. If you down just add me on discord: DropKDS#9136
  4. Boys what's mod settings to get high score in GQ it's try one hit and souls bomb spam i got warring one hit got 9M
  5. Is your guild still have 4 slots? My main + 3 clone acc can join your guild? I'll do guild quest everydays! 26k p x 4/day.
  6. My opinion is to stay away from suspicious acts you already have OHK which is more than enough no need to finish a quest in 03secs which is supposed to take 2mins
  7. So I've been trying out the new iGameGod speed manager which is 10/10 for bleach - I was wondering if anyone has tried this? And if there could be a potential ban from it? Thanks
  8. Update it’s been a while my name is £Oni-Chan£ on bleach I made a new guild now! It’s called rood! Join it today, I do epic raids, guild quest and iz a lot right now it’s a small guild but if anyone is interested feel free to post here.
  9. Bro you can join my disc server and i can help you ... https://discord.gg/xwKdZFx
  10. There’s bunch of YouTubes videos how to do it
  11. How to setup for iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak?
  12. Well I didn’t know there was a another mod other than the one for iOS so my bad
  13. duh that's not what he asked though he asked how can you get one like divine elixers but for ios jb not android , you can kill the boss immediately but it will say 0.41 secs and works as if you took that long so you get rewards still
  14. You need to wait if you kill it too fast it won’t give you rewards but if someone reports you or they detected the hack your gonna get banned ^
  15. ive been in lobbies where they kill the boss when we join and it says it killed at 00:41. i use ios jb. is there a way to just get this mod cuz when i kill it early it just doesnt give rewards
  16. Can u guys delete this I was stupid I know the problem now instead of install I pressed extract sorry for the trouble
  17. So I tried using the bbs mod menu iam jailbroken and when I try to open the app it’s stays white screen when I delete it and Open it it works how can I fix this I put the files in the root of the app folders
  18. Bear in mind that whatever app u tweak with liberty affect others as well
  19. Ok I’ve fixed it , it’s the Liberty tweak I shut it down and the game back to normal..
  20. Hi, has anyone face this problem yet.. after today’s loading data it won’t let me play and ask me to free some space and I have 28 gigabytes to spare!! Only when I’m on jailbreak but I can play if I close the jailbreak?

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