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About This Club

A Club to discuss everything related to BLEACH Brave Souls!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Then unfortunately there is no free version for Non-Jailbroken iDevices.
  3. I’m not jail broken because I don’t know how to do that and I’m to scared to do it i don’t use cydia since I don’t know how im also sorry for your inconvenience
  4. Sooo I’m new and I have my main account on my phone but I want a new one for my iPad but I want it hack sooo can some one pls make one for free
  5. I have downloaded the hack and installed it in the program Filza, but when entering the game does not appear Hack if not proved file iOS 11.3.1
  6. Anyone having issues with one hit kill and god mode in co op? If I have them both active only the god mode one is working. I have to turn off the god mod in order for the one hit kill to work. How do I fix this @DiDA thank you.
  7. O I’m not sure what VIP Jailed is. Never seen that group before. Or the difference between it and the VIP/VIP Plus Sorry I can’t be of any help
  8. I tried a lot .. Is vip jailed related to my inability to write a comment !?
  9. On this subject I can not write a comment I have a vip BLEACH Brave Souls v8.0.3 [ Solo/Co-Op Mods ]
  10. This topic was moved from Discussions to BBS Help & Support. Which topic?
  11. agree . i try to warn people already. but there are always people thinking they can out smart klab. 99 percent of the time it's not klab they should be worry about . it's the salty people looking at your profile page.
  12. I think someone has raised this issue before on the non-jail broken hack. For those hackers who hacked on Senkaimon or any events that get posted on your status you need to be extra cautious. As I was playing I found this player who was on 9th seats with full Senkaizen links and have decided to search on his profile and I with the amount of login days no one can complete both senkaimon and tower of ordeal within few minutes. I don't I think i should be posting their user name here but people on reddit is already complaining and eventually will become an issue for Klab where they will monitor third party program like they did in GuildQuest.
  13. Anyone that is being using this hacks for a while that knows how to score 180k in guild quest? Thank you!
  14. @DiDA please Update game bleach brave souls v8.0.1 @DiDA please Update game bleach brave souls v8.0.1
  15. I replied to the post but still can't get the download link Only BLEACH's brave soul v7.4.0 is like this. Other games can be connected.
  16. Hello, To view or unlock the hidden content, you need to react or reply to the topic. Please carefully read this tutorial topic for more information: https://iosgods.com/topic/3762-info-how-to-unlockview-the-hidden-content-on-iosgods/
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