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A club for any Flex 3 users who want to share, download, expand on, or simply showoff patches. If you need tutorials or info on flex 3, how to make patches, anything of the sort, visit our support Section? Edit: ROAD TO 100 MEMBERS!!!
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  2. I am trying to crack the latest version of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) application [old patch doesn't work]. After processing, it seems as though that Flex is not processing all of the Obj-C Classes. Example, the following classes don't show anything: WSJ.UserSubcriberStatus Any of you guys run into similar issues?
  3. Thankyou everybody for supporting my club up until now, Happy to announce we now have 100 members! Hurray!🙃🥳 Hope you all will continue to enjoy being a part of the club and etc, have a nice day! 😊
  4. Say you have a patch, And you wanna share it to your friend without adding it to the cloud, BUT HE HAS REAAALLLY important patches and doesnt wanna replace his patches.plist with YOURS. heres a "semi" simple Fix. Each patch is a Dictionary. A Simple little "holder" if you will. All the patches in your list are structured like this: The tutorial continues in the code itself below. I WILL BE MAKING A TOOL THAT DOES THIS FOR YOU SOON!! (Uh, Hopefully, I gotta figure out how to edit Xml in Javascript) <?xml version encoding> <doctype telling the code that its a plist file> <plist version> <dict> <!-- (this is the first dictionary, It holds ALL of your patches) --> <key> <!-- patches --> </key> <!-- (Name Of the List) --> <array> <!-- (Start of the list) --> <dict> <!-- (This is a patch) --> <!-- Inside each patch is a ton of blah blah stuff that people normally don't want to read. (Keys, strings, more arrays and dictionaries) --> <!-- Look for the <string> that has the <key>name</key> right above it (THIS IS YOUR PATCH NAME) --> <!-- Look for the patch you want, and Copy the ENTIRE <dict> --> <!-- Edit your friend's plist file in a text editor (on filza file manager, hold down on file and scroll right on the dialog, find text edit) --> <!-- paste the dictionary at the very top of the file, RIGHT AFTER THE VERY FIRST <array> that represents (start of list) --> </dict> <!-- (This is the End of a patch) --> <dict> <!-- (This is a patch) --> </dict> <!-- (This is the End of a patch) --> <dict> <!-- (ETC) --> </dict> <!-- (ETC) --> </array> (End of the list) </dict> (End of Code)
  5. Want to Start Hacking with Flex 3? What is Flex? Flex is a tool that uses a special method of exploiting called "MS Hook" which long-term stands for "Mobile Substrate Method Hooking". Which, in a simple definition, finds the BID of the app you desire. BID: ("Bundle ID". Ex: com.companyName.appName) and then it Injects itself INTO the app with that BID, and Once the app opens, it looks for those functions you found in flex. The said functions are then searched for inside the app Live as you’re playing it, and then the values are changed to what you specified. How do I start? Flex isn’t that complicated, it’s a simple program that patches methods. So, First “Acquire” Flex 3 Beta by tapping this: GetDelta | Home of Flex Then tap "Add to Cydia" This will ask you to add Flex 3’s Official Repository (getdelta.co) to Cydia Automatically. Next, Go into Cydia, Tap the Search Button. Search for Flex 3 Beta, make sure it is from delta. Finally, Install it, Respring if it asks, And go into Flex. You’re Done. How do I hack now? This is the ULTRA easy part. Simply press the big + Symbol in the top right corner. Now scroll around, Explore your options, Find a suitable app to hack! Please keep in mind, Flex 3 RARELY Works for Fully Multiplayer games, and usually most “Important” Methods are stored in an external Server. Once you have the app you want, Tap it, You should see this: Tap the title and call it whatever you want, it isn't important. After your done, tap Add Units... and it should bring you to this screen: Your going to want to tap the item under the Executable tab, This is the main Access to you're game's Internals. It SHOULD bring up this little dialog: Tap Yes/Process Sometimes it will Open the app your hacking to Process it. Other times it will just take a while to Process and do nothing for a few seconds. If it brings up a dialog saying it failed to Process, Simply tap Process again and quickly close Flex3 and Open the app your hacking for like 10 seconds. Then go back to Flex3 and it should be processed. NOW, Tap the little "executable" AppName Button from before. Except now that long button should have a little white > on the right side. That > means its processed, Tap it and it should bring up a black search bar and a ton of random stuff you might not understand below it. Tap the search bar and type something cool. Like Hunger or Health. Sometimes you will get a Class full of methods for the word, or you might just get a Method. OR if your unlucky, you will get nothing. Now, If you get a class, and it looks interesting, Tap it, and it will open another search page INSIDE of that Class, and you can scroll around or search for a method you like. Some good examples can be things like: just search another term, or scroll around. isFull(bool) hasFullHealth(bool) Health(int) May be you DONT have a class, just a method, or a few, Find the one you like, And TAP it. Once you have that method tapped, Its saved. Tap the back arrow until you get back to the page with the Title and Add Units... button. You should see the normal UI, but WHATS THIS!?! You have a magical new thing at the bottom, it has the same name as the method you picked earlier: For Example, I picked a Health value, So its going to add the health method to my list, Anyways, Tap the method you like or picked or whatnot. You should see a Ui like this: If you picked a method like this with multiple values, the list in the picture will be bigger: -(float)PlayerNameIs: (id)WithID Tap the "Return Value (Value Type)" This is your Value, You can edit it. It should open a 2 list page. Tap the "pass-through" it will ask to edit it, Say yes, It should result in this page: Its asking for an override value. This is where you can get creative and put whatever you want. Once your done typing your Enormous number or whatnot, Tap DONE Ok, Thats it, Just back out to the main page, and tap the switch next to your patch. Then exit flex3 and go to your game. If the game allows that method to be hacked, it should change it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It took me a while to make. Tap that little blue heart if you want to give me a little rep while your at it Thankyou for your time. Edits: Sorry about the getdelta.co link breaking when i first posted, I fixed that Also if you need any help with anything else, feel free to ask in the comment section
  6. Ive found that blockheads is dying, rather unpopular, And I just uploaded the last version of the hacks I ever made for it on iosgods. If anyone still wants this tab, reply to this thread and if it is "adequetly" accepted, Ill add it back. This club is more about flex3 alone, so i feel like it should be more targeted towards it. unfortunately even with our 80 members, we still arent that popular in ourselves, But I dont mind. :つ
  7. It's basically the same as Flex 3. I don't know what you mean by it just appears in the libraries but you should be able to create a new patch and select the app you want to create it for. Crack or Cracked means the app has been "cracked" to get the app for free or the app has been modified. I think it usually won't be detected as cracked but some apps might.
  8. i try look it before.. (that flex 2.5 not support for ios 12.1.1 (my current os) ) i try create this thread. in flex 3 beta, didnt have name of app for execute. just appear Libraries.
  9. what the mean crack? i need some command for libaries to patch in flex 3 didnt have execute file. i didnt know how to find it in flex 3 bcoz in flex 3 didnt have searching before choose libraries first
  10. Like what was said above if you just want to set bool's to false which is what Flex is great for, you will want to search for 'jail' or 'crack' as ways to find them quickly. Otherwise you can just look through all the classes that hint to being something useful.
  11. I don't know much about how anti-jailbreak detection tweaks work so I won't say much but i'm pretty sure you cannot to what those apps do with a simple change of setting a bool to false. A tweak like that prevents apps from detecting things from running like substrate. Unfortantely Flex is not that powerful.
  12. Jailbroken, jailbreak, crack in flex3 but idk how liberty works
  13. well, this first starter my thread. i just want to know basic like bypass some app for detect jailbroken (& liberty if possible) with flex 3 beta? how to do that, i just have clue "isjailbroken" and must be false. but i dont know, for command in libraries. and found the true way. i hope you helped me, Thank you, i appreciate your help
  14. Welcome Everyone! if you wish to hear the Introduction continue. Flex 3 is a Cydia Based Patching Program that extracts Classes and Methods from appdata, it allows instant modification of these methods to allow Cheating/Customization/Creativity within said Affected Apps. Most of you may know all of this, but I Welcome you to a place where you can ask any flex 3 related questions. ***DO NOT*** Ask Me/Anyone else for that matter, for tutorials on serversided hacking, as it isnt usually possible. Please consider that. Some basic rules... nothing Harsh, This is a place for tutorials, help, sharing, questioning, etc, anything related to flex 1/2/3 is Allowed, Please Specify your flex version in your topics related to flex questions or support. You can create normal iOSGods hacks here, please it is welcome, but don’t spam your patches.plist for every jailbreak detection bypass/ad removal patch you make (Please only post things that are legitimately working/tested/real hacks, *UNLESS* you are simply communicating between others and sharing info about your patches or support etc)

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