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A Club for the DomiNations players!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Who can use hack this time ??? Please teach me
  3. Are there any friends playing now? Why do I need to update? Where should I download the update?
  4. I'm starting in dominations, I need bugs and immediate construction trick please
  5. Does anyone know of a glitch for dominations? I have glitch for infinite crowns.
  6. There is no way to make crowns from achievements now by bug. Yeah you get disconnected . Only sometimes lower then 5 crowns achievements . What clan do u play bro?
  7. Write in English . If you want to share bugs and exchange write me via email [email protected] Or pm me here
  8. Has anybody figured out a way to gain crowns after unlocking all achievements? I know we CANNOT get them from building instantly, peace treaties, filling up the rest of your resources, revolution/switching bases, or even changing wonders.........they all get you disconnected and revert back. The only thing I found was destroying animals and trees instantly which usually gives you 1 or 2 crowns and it works but later on in the game it will be a grind and hard when everything cost a lot of crowns..... if anybody finds a way to still gain crowns please let us know because I’m running out and I’m scared to use the rest of the little I have now lmao 😅😅
  9. Hi Same question like @Dombattle. Have you a way to dont loose trop tactics. It's not working since a few Time Please help me Thanks
  10. Hi, Have you a way to dont loose trop tactics. It's not working since a few Time Please help me Thanks
  11. for a fee. Details in the telegram messenger: @domi_L_K
  12. Looks like they are closing the glitches in game, anybody know of a way to still not lose troop tactics?
  13. Do we have active tricks can help speed up building with crown hack?
  14. No conozco bug de aldeanos ilimitados, pero se puede hacer con el hack de la iosgods app
  15. hey guys. not problem if anybody can,t help me to find uni glitch on androoeid.i thought maybe sergi has a apk mod.but i just found ios.(of corse cloning can help if there is any more informations.thanks) so,i can give you free any of glitch you want.i don't know if it is not against froum role,i can post here.(or pm me: [email protected]) just ask.what you want .
  16. I’ve never heard of uni glitch yet,but some are cloning the speed-ups using GameGuardian on Android,may be that way can help..
  17. crown hack is imposible in this game.dont't belive it and don't pay money to unknown.becarfull guys. as you saw,great hackers say this too.
  18. Hey guys. for a long time i looked to uni trick and not find it yet. but ,i readed your topics.so,i can give you some trick free if you want. 1-all trich(unlimited builder-resourse-sh.peace .museum hack.library hack & so more you didnot heard maybe). 2-thats trick work on androigd&ios.becouse its trick,not mod. 3-i have android mod too. and spacially i can teach you ,how you work to be safe and not get banned. if you want,just say to build a discord server fir you.becouse need upload video.you can learn quickly by my vidio. just,just,after it and you use it,if anybody find uni trick,send to me. im waiting for at least 10 responce here.

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