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A Club for the DomiNations players!

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  2. Lo comparto con quien me da los datos de algún bug de construcción instantánea o algún otro fallo en el juego.
  3. He encontrado en la nueva actualización de Dominations un bug que te da ciudadanos extras, edificios extras, recursos extras, comparto la información con quien tenga conocimiento de algún bug que de coronas extras y construcciones instantáneas.
  4. @burgerking english please. Working in android and ios.
  5. estos problemas solo se encuentran en android ?? o en ios tambien ?
  6. in previous version unli crowns. unli workers. unli coa. Unli TT. And and unli reso. Today just found unli coa only. If you have any useful bugs/glitch just comment and lets trade.
  7. Any new glitch in 640.640 version? Need unli resources here thanks for the Help. If theres still none lets find these glitch/bug together. 7/12/18 i found a glitch/bug unli COA. Lets trade if you have one.
  8. Dark i have an alliance called World Prophecy and the people out there are my mates, but we are 5 members and if you join we still wont be able to start wars.. i dont want you to come in and get bored, however if you have some friends who can join it ll be great
  9. This topic was moved from DomiNations Discussions to Friends & Alliances.
  10. Is there a site alliance I can join? I think one reason I got banned is because someone reported me when I joined an alliance. I tried to search for any alliances on here but I could not find one.
  11. For y'all who like to play DomiNations I got tricks for you in this topic Thought I'd share them with the community .
  12. Can we get a thread going for glitches/requests on how to do them? I'm currently looking for the infinite workers bug.
  13. Nobody care man. With new update DiDA has updated the mod become better, it has all of fearture and slightly add crown. So keep your glitch and play, no one care
  14. Hi and Hello im new to this
  15. I have mod done by me, working version 631,631 follow me whatsapp +5511950372208 only Android emulator BlueStacks APK no signed..
  16. The 6.620.623.1 version is the last one that was made after upgrading the game dominations? I'm having trouble installing, after downloading and trying to use the game does not start already tried using with the IFILE and Filza. Can someone help me please
  18. Since the last Update (yesterday) the Building & Worker Glitch no longer works... 😞 Worked on ios and android
  19. I know glitch about the tactic on academy. at the moment i have 33/7 tactics

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