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    when the new hack realesd?
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    i did buy the VIP pass to get access to non JB package , but unfortunately now that has stopped working as confirmed by DIDA. Now i am waiting for new hack to be released. Regards
  4. Does anyone knows of any existing hack ( ios/android) which is still working on dominations. I have tried my hands on almost all ios hacks available on the website ( on both JB and non JB phone) but none of them seem to be working anymore. If anyone has a working hack, please give a shout. Regards.
  5. Does this trick still works? I do not have any hack at the moment as all hacks have been patched by nexon. Please elaborate .. the moment i use crown and game is connected to internet, i will loose the crown. A video will be a lot helpful
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    I am using i phone 7 plus version 10.3.3. Can not jailbreak on the phone but use tricks without jailbreak in the dominations game? I will buy vip + non jailbreak package according to the incentive you will give
  7. Hi Cafrike ! Would you please let me know if I can build a quick building on the non-jaibreack version?
  8. Firstly take around 3 weeks to get to atomic, do it slowly. second never upgrade generals to the max. 3rd once you reach level 200 buy an estate. 4th do not upgrade everything leave a few building one to two eras below your current age. You can also just develop attack and leave defense in industrial to global age, if your account is level 180 with offense fully upgraded you will not need to buy a mansion.
  9. On the previous version of the hack (with place unlimited buildings) yea because I exceeded the buildings limit but on this one I don't think so.
  10. I bet you'll be banned permanently within one week.
  11. How can i get atomic age....it shows atomic age comming soon.....
  12. thanks! and now .. here's my 2 day old account FULLY MAXED OUT EVERYTHING! 2days upgrading everything is not bad.. this is more stressful than making my gf squirt by hand
  13. Hi Cafrike, what is according to you a good balance in terms of finishing x number of buildings or x number of university researches per day in order to fly below the radar and avoiding getting a temporary or permanent ban? personally I have already experienced both temporary and permanent bans but I have not yet been able to indentify the level of building / research/ xp increase exactly causing the bans. i am looking forward to your personal experience and insights on this topic. thanks in advance for you support. regards the_one
  14. I'll try it and repport back when we get the mod
  15. My comments was on the first method (@sh00's) not yours I do not have crowns freez, But thanks any way I'm waitting for Sergi's mod cause I'm using Android.
  16. 1st collect cidre and food from tree. 2nd click on building and finish using crowns. 3rd click on same fruit tree and ripen it. voila building is done without any crowns being spent because the resource freeze is on.
  17. The first methode makes no sens cause the used crowns to complet the bulding will not return and you will not lose the internet connection because you are using crowns to do the job so I don't anderstanded either. A video will be usefull.
  18. Theres an easier way. Just ripen a fruit tree or prospect a mine. if anyone wants to instant upgrade the university research just ripen a fruit tree, finish uni reaseach in the outside tab and them prospect a gold mine. this has to be done quick so I suggest placing a fruit tree and a gold mine next to the building. This was easier when there was a need of 0 crowns to upgrade the building, in this current mod that is no longer an option, it asks for the appropriate number of crowns.
  19. sorry bro, but i can't understand this hack. if i use a crowns for finish the building what is the sense? the first step you say make sure the troop are training , in the third step you say use crown to finish training troop😭😭 pls insert a video! i cant understand.
  20. That's great thanks for the tip!