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About This Club

A Club for the DomiNations players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. DomiNations Hack

    I'm gonna try Bluestack. Btw, thanks for your mod.
  3. DomiNations Hack

    Not work for memu http://www.mediafire.com/file/gzykg5a9jvpjd4p/DomiNations_v5.577.577_apkpure.com.apk go install blustacks its work
  4. DomiNations Hack

    I install your mod on Android emulator (Memu) but it force me to abort because of Xigncod3. How can I bypass it and run your mod?
  5. DomiNations Hack

    This mod helped a lot. I was able to put my generals and walls at the maximum level, and I researched all the troops, library, tactics and aircraft. Too bad to give the connection error when I try to finish a build instantly. And I cleaned up several forests too. Thank you.
  6. DomiNations Hack

    I made a mod dominations is not perfect but it helps a lot works only in the emulator blustacks in the esmartfones does not work enjoy still improving the mod these are the links to blustacks and mod dominations blustacks http://www.mediafire.com/file/qnya5...1.11.8004_KitKat_Rooted_Offline_Installer.exe Apk no signe http://www.mediafire.com/file/gzykg5a9jvpjd4p/DomiNations_v5.577.577_apkpure.com.apk I am a modisher nuub sorry if some things do not work do not spread this content I am the author of the mod sorry for my inglish
  7. DomiNations Hack

    Sergipe123, can you tell me where to get this mod for android?
  8. Hey man just wondering how many walls did you upgrade per day ? thanks
  9. DomiNations Hack

  10. DomiNations Hack

    Does anyone know if there's an android mod for DomiNations v577.577?
  11. DomiNations Hack

    Do we have like an iosgods clan?
  12. DomiNations Hack

    Hello today I managed to make a patch for dominations only gold and pao unlimited and very simple, going to any battle and have many resources stolen the patch of gems still can not but still continue trying to come here because I need help apk mod domiantios works Only on android 4.4.4 on androids 5.xx 6.xx 7.xx error xingcod3 Eo190620 I can not fix I need someone with many abilities to fix this I am running the game on blustack 4.4.4 and it works perfectly. help me
  13. DomiNations Hack

    Is there any way to glitch the fast building? , earlier method is no longer working!
  14. DomiNations Hack

    Great!!! Thankz @DiDA!!!!
  15. Show Off your DomiNations Base here!

    @DiDA as you said: Single game ... I returned to play ... I will send the name of my clan it is closed but if it is to enter return me that I will leave it open for you enter. If you participate in it we will report what can be improved.
  16. DomiNations Hack

    @DiDA Said that today launches the new hack Dominations ... Thanks DIDA ...
  17. DomiNations Hack

    Awaiting... for the update??
  18. DomiNations Hack

    Still waiting @DiDA. Thanks
  19. DomiNations Hack

    Thank you @DiDA .... I look forward to tomorrow ... I launch war and I already use the hack ... Thanks
  20. DomiNations Hack

    Nice @DiDA we all Thank you! 👍
  21. DomiNations Hack

    Will be updating today!
  22. DomiNations Hack

    Yes its force now
  23. DomiNations Hack

    I force downgraded the app but now it just gives me the update screen and I can't get any further, how do I fix this?
  24. Hi guys, Any news regarding a DomiNations Hack (iOs/android) ?
  25. Share your DomiNations base with other members. You can screenshot your screen and upload the image to imgur.com or postimage.org and just paste the image link here. You can blur out your name if you'd like. I only use this account for testing purposes. I used to play this game a lot because it was quite unique but my Crowns became negative and lost interest. This is my current base.