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  1. Please, update this wonderful hack. It is better than adder, so if you only can update one, update freezer!!
  2. Hello, I did not receive the mail yet. is it ok? I only have to wait, or.... Thank you
  3. Ok, thank you. waiting for my email! hope coming soon....
  4. I think perhaps I have the same trouble. How do you fix It? thank you
  5. How can I check my status? after login, I open settings, manage subscriptions, but I can not see anything in at “iOSGods App+ 1 Year Subscription”, but at “iOSGods App ViP Pro - 3 Months” there is a message: “Your current subscription renews at #####” But I have no option to renew the 1 year subscription from my IPad. (No button) I do not know if there is no option to renew because my subscription is active, or there is another trouble. Because I think that in case of my subscription is active, there should be any message with information of it, isn’t it? And as my app+ and hacked apps are not working since yesterday, I don’t know if the trouble is the “general” revoke, or is Any trouble with my subscription. Please, help!
  6. Same trouble. BEFORE update iOS to 14.2, hacks suddenly do not work (message: this app is not available). I try to reinstall app+, but not possible (message: can not verify integrity!) then, i update iOS, but the trouble is the same! in a first time, I think it was a trouble with my subscription. I paid for vip +, can not paid for app+ because the system answers my phone is registered. please, give us more information about this trouble, @Rook
  7. I have the same issue. My subscription should expire in 3 days, but a few hour ago everything crash! my problem is I can’t remember what should I renew. I have paid a couple of hours ago for iosgods app vip pro, but... I need to pay the iosgods app+ 1 year? I try to pay this too, but I can’t because my UDID is already registered. So, I do not know if I can use APP+ because it is revoked, if it is only my trouble, or if I need to renew the anual subscription (and I do not know how to renew!)
  8. Something wrong today with this hack??? The app crash, normal game is working as usual!!
  9. I think this is not a problem with the hack. It is some trouble with the game itself, it happens even if you are playing a “normal” game. After the last upgrade (Halloween) the problem began, few days after things were normal, then a new upgrade (remove Halloween) and the problem is back! so I think it will be fixed by Nexon. A lot of guys are crying in several forums, and they are not using this hack
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