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About This Club

A Club for the DomiNations players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi, i know to bugs in Dominations. Someone interestet to trade? I Know: Troops cards are not deducted after use max coalition bye
  3. Hi there, anyone knows if an University glitch exists, working without mods or apps? I can trade it with other glitches
  4. I know how to use troop cards and they it wont take them away when you are done
  5. Does anyone know how to get duplicate Troop cards? And Elephant Stable?
  6. How to get so many crowns???? Doed there any bro know ⁉️
  7. Hola buenos días, comparto algunos bugs del juego con quien sepa el bugs para tener topas de fortín ilimitado, o mas bien el error que había que al momento de donar a las bases de guerras tropas de fortín estas no se descontaban de su inventario quien conozca de este fallo contactar se conmigo y les compartire algunos errores que se del juego, saludos y buen día.
  8. Hola a todos. Soy nuevo y no se como se manejan. Por las bases que veo en multijugador casi seguro hay bug de recursos. Alguno sabe algo?. Hello everyone. By the bases that I see in multiplayer there is almost certainly a resource bug. Does anyone know anything
  9. Lol, I've hit Cold War Age with almost 400K crowns at that time. Still with 74K crowns because the "no decrease crowns" isn't working anymore. But level 298 and still rocking! Never got banned and playing for over a month in this state. I don't even need to use the hack anymore! Wish I had gathered around 1M crowns back when it was working, but I was afraid of abusing too much. Oh, and I'm almost 100% done with everything. Only thing left are the artifacts, which is too much crown and time consuming as you cannot force the upgrades as anything else. The artifact system is kinda a bottleneck for even cheaters, lol. I've completed all library and university researches, all my generals are level 60 and have a tons of level 8 tacticals troops and rare, event-only troops saved. Even though I have 74K crowns, this ammount won't be enough to instantly upgrade everything to Space Age when it releases. This game is so much pay-to-win that honestly, I guess I've spent over 1M crowns to get up to this stage quickly. I was only afraid to save too much crowns in my account. I just wonder how my account managed to survive a ban, lol.
  10. Anybody know the unlimited stronghold troops bug that allows you to have 99999xxxxx stronghold troops? PM me if so and we’ll see if we can trade
  11. Lo comparto con quien me da los datos de algún bug de construcción instantánea o algún otro fallo en el juego.
  12. He encontrado en la nueva actualización de Dominations un bug que te da ciudadanos extras, edificios extras, recursos extras, comparto la información con quien tenga conocimiento de algún bug que de coronas extras y construcciones instantáneas.
  13. @burgerking english please. Working in android and ios.
  14. estos problemas solo se encuentran en android ?? o en ios tambien ?
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