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A Club for the Forward Assault players ! News, Updates, Strategies, and Game Tips will be posted !
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  2. if u guys are still playing, i can hack the currency(coins not gold). pm me account info and i can do it if you'd like
  3. this is a sh!t game that the developers dont care about so hacking it is fun
  4. For me it’s the mp7 I killed them fast at close range
  5. Silver I’m trying to get to gold.
  6. Lol having lots of hacks will make the game to much unfair for others don’t you guys think.
  7. Wish I could help but having aim bot would be to op and you will probably get banned fast.
  8. Thx but it sucks that I only have an iPhone and not an android.
  9. Whenever I download the game it says new version available and it brings me to the App Store so I can not play it
  10. When is the new update happening?
  11. This topic was moved from Topics to FA Help & Support.
  12. When i try to open Forward assault it Loads But then it says Update to new version and When i click on it, it takes me to app store version? plz heelp
  13. THOUGHT i should post here so if u guys still play, u could test
  14. Hmm, sorry... could you explain a bit more? Cheers
  15. I can crack somewhat, but currently looking to make a competition ready aimbot for competitive fwd assault, preferably a memory aimbot but nothing with money, I am looking to make aimbot only, just looking for someone to help:)

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