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About This Club

A club dedicated to Phone Destroyer players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Everyone there’s a new option that’s available for hacked games if the gets a new update that breaks the hack you have the option to Request an update from the dev if there’s enough request the hackers will be prioritize for updates so if you want this game to stay up to data you know what to do
  3. Lolz try requesting an update for the game using the new option
  4. level 16 new kid in arena 4 kicked my ass :(
  5. Just joined but this this club is dead
  6. Anyone want to share what lvl their new kid is or what clan they are with.
  7. I actually screwed up and spent money on this game. Just curious how far anyone has gotten in here.
  8. pretty bare in here, do these work if so how did you go about actually getting the download links to any of the non jailbroken hacks thanks
  9. Could someone update the hack for 2.7.5
  10. Welcome, everyone! I am still fairly new to this game/ forum but would love to start a PVP group to share cards with users inside of this game. I am not seeing anything posted so far for a PVP group and as the hacks are being updated I would love to get one going. I see there has been a group formed but not much activity in it. I have gone on and created a club called "iOSGods SPC" feel free to join so we can all level up faster!

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