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  1. @rook a found a work around kinda I just install Odyssey jailbreak and it seems to be working fine so far but I’m using it with Cydia not Sileo don’t know if that makes a difference
  2. Checkra1n is good but it sucks because everyone you have a problem and you need to reboot I have to boot into macOS with unc0ver and Reprovision Reprovision I don’t need to worry about any of that
  3. I can see that but it was working b4 the last update so idk, I’ve been trying to get Cydia Substrate working with unc0ver but I haven’t had any luck so far wish unc0ver had a way to stop substrate form installing automatically
  4. Hey I did some test on my own and it seem to some compatibility issue with substrate Cydia substrate works fine but once you use substrate some Tweaks stop working, I wasn’t able to get is substrate working on unc0ver but I tested Substrate on Checkra1n and the app crashes just as it does when using unc0ver
  5. Hey there supposed to be a problem With som hacks when using unc0ver jailbreak I’m assuming it’s because of the substrate, App crashes as soon as the tweaks try to log after uninstall tweaks Or substitute Apps work fine, just m trying to find out if there’s a way to stop un0ver from Installing substrate, I tried removing it and ten. Installing Cydia substrate but unc0ver replace it everytime I jailbreak The device
  6. It’s seems to be brokering on unc0ver switch to checkra1n that should fix the problem Try the other jailbreak or the ipa version Doesn’t seem to be working on doesn’t seem to be working on unc0ver at the moment
  7. If you have a USB flash drive you can use the Linux version off Check1n to jailbreak phone Hmm on going to try Downgrade back to the previous version of cydia substrate
  8. Yeah I can see the The damage and the defense works, I just tested the pvp again and I got it to work but I had To disable unlimited mana and attacks, If they are enabled then I get no signal icon and I can’t attack anymore
  9. Yeah but you asked about unc0ver that’s what I was replying to Everything is working for you locker key PVP, and are you using unc0ver ?
  10. Yeah I did but I tried uninstall everything to see if that would fix the problem but I didn’t as soon as I launch the app with a tweak in style it crashes on the first try every time but lunch on the Second try, I don’t know if it’s a substrate because other tweaks work fine with other games this was the only one that was acting like this
  11. I didn’t test it was the mod menu but it works with the ipa now it’s not working with Either of them, this is what I get when o try to Attack https://ibb.co/LNtqdRw
  12. Yeah the previous version worked don’t have a problems, in this version unlimited attack/mana doesn’t seem to work in PVP Adding keys didn’t seems to be working probably The keys are added but they have no effect when you try to open the locker I haven’t fully tested everting as yet but that’s why I’ve seen so far
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