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  2. Hey Fellow Summoner's and Members of Brave Frontier Club 😎 I'm looking to add active players for brave Frontier and send lot's of gifts. 🤗 I also wanna talk about units,advice for hard missions/dung, guilds,creating squads and pretty much all things Brave Frontier.🕹️ You awesome people can comment your "ID number" located in the menu section in the "player Info Tab" or send me a message. This way we can add you in-game to our friends list.😍 Hopefully I and all of you help each other with great tips/advice and etc..... Which unit's are you after and what units are the best and strongest to have? list them if you like. 🤔 Btw my ID number is : 8645990406 add me I can't wait 😍 (Make sure you have space in your friends list to add)
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I’m guessing it will be a no from this point on. Maybe in the late future?
  4. DiDA , I didn’t received gift card before paid 1025966825@qq.com didn’t received gift card
  5. As of now, Brave Frontier mods do not have as many features as they used to, so a free version would be very limited. I did mention after finding new features we'd look into making a free version but currently can't seem to find any time to work on new features.
  6. DiDA, this sounds very pushy and rude but I’ve been wondering how much longer do non vip users have to wait for the brave frontier mod menu to become free? Like all other brave frontier mods that have been on the website?
  7. @DiDA Would it be possible to mod the level of your hero’s to “MAX”? Even if the hack is just visual, it would make evolving heros much easier.
  8. Ehh...It's pretty good, I feel a lot of features from it could be added to this one. Over the past day, I've gotten from level 400 to 640 thanks to the 10x exp rate. The material injection isn't very good as it misses a lot of materials. I wasn't able to create any spheres with it. The sphere injection works well, but it only lets you inject incredibly powerful spheres like the vortex arena wings and guild spheres. They are nice, but if you actually want to use them people might grow suspicious unless you're a veteran player, they are old spheres. My favorite feature is the omni material injection, as getting elementum tomes sucks. Normally, you can get like 15 per month. But now I can get thousands; I've easily gotten all my omnis to +3. The vortex hack works well too, but I mostly use it for evo material and karma dungeon. You'll definitely get banned for playing very old vortexes. After I get 999, I'll probably do the summoner arc and get to level 500 with the no cost STP. Overall, it's pretty good. The price is steep unless you pay for the longest amount of time. I really wish the features would be added to this hack, but I don't think it has many players anymore so it isn't in high demand.
  9. Holy crap, I thought injection was blocked. I'm going to have to buy VIP there now honestly haha. Just going to play on nox to inject.
  10. I've seen that one as well. http://elementevil.com/forum/vip-game-hack-mod-111/mod-brave-frontier-1-10-1-0-mod-hack-ready-23041/ are we we able to have Material Injection ?
  11. It came to my attention on an android forum that their apk mod allows the usage of metal, jewel, and imp parades without keys. I assume this is possible on iOS as well, so I hope it will be a feature sometime in the near future. It is also worth noting that the android hack only allows for the lowest level of parade, which is basically pointless at high levels, so I hope a feature can be added to where mega parades don't cost any keys. Some people have reported getting banned for using the karma and zel modifier from quests, so the jewel parade is a really good way to avoid this, with about 35 million zel each 30 min on mega. I hope you'll look into this if you have time @DiDA
  12. New to the game but I am level 115 need a guild who uses hacks and doesn't judge most importantly: has fun! Never Mind I am all good XDDDD
  13. yup u right , if items hack or unit hack comeback it a lot of fun , 2-3 years ago it got 9 heaven's edge sphere from injection hack
  14. Hi, I think it'll be good if you put this one back I just came back after 3 years of not playing this game and some of the players wants to catch up with the previously released units. Thanks
  15. My guild has 5 members and is currently lvl 18. You guys come and help us expand the requirement is to have 1 non free Omni in your unit collection,
  16. v1.9.0 Release Note: -4th Anniversary Special Event Updates -Summoner Avatar Final Chapter St. Creek -Unlock Summoner Avatar in normal game mode -Bug Fixes Please update hack when you get a chance, thanks
  17. When will the free version of the cheat come out and what kind of features would it have? I'm too poor to buy VIP.
  18. So I've been using the modded IPA to enjoy the game and I've only noticed one issue with it. Every time I complete a quest the "Rate it now" box comes up after EVERY quest. It won't let me select the stars and submit it, the submit button is greyed out and non-functioning. It's not a big issue rather than a nuisance when I'm focusing on the actual game but when I leave it to auto-repeat, the x3 speed-up function automatically goes back to x1 and the game stops playing after a certain amount of quest because the device gets backed up with all the "Rate the game" boxes. If anyone knows how to get around this or make the rating box stop popping up it would be greatly appreciated. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/h3iizb
  19. Wowowow calm down there. Some of these are already done though.

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