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About This Club

A Club dedicated to the Brave Frontier players!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hello I Been waiting over TWO YEARS. Any updates on when free version will be released?
  3. Please @DADi Make 0 energy cost for quests worked again. Thank you so much
  4. Looking for fellow Brave Frontier hackers to hack with me just pm me or comment on this thread
  5. How would y’all feel about having a Godmode, max inventory space, unlimited parade garden dungeon runs in our next update. I was talking to DiDA about it and we were both curious on what y’all think on this comment below to let us know if you want it in the next update or not.
  6. Hello I’ve just recently join IOSGods and came across this group that is if it’s still alive
  7. I don’t mind if free version have limited feature like 0 energy and instant BB.
  8. wow your lucky lmao.. only got 1 sadly. ? I Play everyday as well feel free to send me a friend request or if you like I can send you one.?
  9. I remember when vox did that. He was a god at hacking brave frontier. He made it so you can evolve heroes at lvl 1 instead of their max
  10. Hey fellow summoners and members of brave frontier club.? There is a new collaboration summon today on brave frontier. If you watch My hero academia this will make you especially happy!? New brave units are: . Izuku Midoriya . Ochaco Uraraka They're Limited Edition units so you probably wont see them for a while. ? p.s I got lucky and got izuku midoriya today!?
  11. Hey Fellow Summoner's and Members of Brave Frontier Club ? I'm looking to add active players for brave Frontier and send lot's of gifts. ? I also wanna talk about units,advice for hard missions/dung, guilds,creating squads and pretty much all things Brave Frontier.?️ You awesome people can comment your "ID number" located in the menu section in the "player Info Tab" or send me a message. This way we can add you in-game to our friends list.? Hopefully I and all of you help each other with great tips/advice and etc..... Which unit's are you after and what units are the best and strongest to have? list them if you like. ? Btw my ID number is : 8645990406 add me I can't wait ? (Make sure you have space in your friends list to add)
  12. Thanks for the fast reply. I’m guessing it will be a no from this point on. Maybe in the late future?
  13. DiDA , I didn’t received gift card before paid [email protected] didn’t received gift card
  14. As of now, Brave Frontier mods do not have as many features as they used to, so a free version would be very limited. I did mention after finding new features we'd look into making a free version but currently can't seem to find any time to work on new features.
  15. DiDA, this sounds very pushy and rude but I’ve been wondering how much longer do non vip users have to wait for the brave frontier mod menu to become free? Like all other brave frontier mods that have been on the website?
  16. @DiDA Would it be possible to mod the level of your hero’s to “MAX”? Even if the hack is just visual, it would make evolving heros much easier.
  17. Ehh...It's pretty good, I feel a lot of features from it could be added to this one. Over the past day, I've gotten from level 400 to 640 thanks to the 10x exp rate. The material injection isn't very good as it misses a lot of materials. I wasn't able to create any spheres with it. The sphere injection works well, but it only lets you inject incredibly powerful spheres like the vortex arena wings and guild spheres. They are nice, but if you actually want to use them people might grow suspicious unless you're a veteran player, they are old spheres. My favorite feature is the omni material injection, as getting elementum tomes sucks. Normally, you can get like 15 per month. But now I can get thousands; I've easily gotten all my omnis to +3. The vortex hack works well too, but I mostly use it for evo material and karma dungeon. You'll definitely get banned for playing very old vortexes. After I get 999, I'll probably do the summoner arc and get to level 500 with the no cost STP. Overall, it's pretty good. The price is steep unless you pay for the longest amount of time. I really wish the features would be added to this hack, but I don't think it has many players anymore so it isn't in high demand.

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