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About This Club

If you like Cuphead, come join our club! We'll talk about certain areas, best items to get, and a whole lot more!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. it came on macos and was on 20% discount so i bought, is it damn hard?
  3. Easiest of the 3 starting bosses of the 2nd area
  4. yeah the airplane level is harder by a mile
  5. Still undecided if this boss is the hardest 1st area boss or the flower boss is the hardest 1st area boss
  6. Botanic Panic is definitely a step up from the bouncing ball, but Clip Joint Calamity really brings out the inner 'Cuphead'
  7. Never heard of Cuphead until now. Cool graphics! Looks like it's a movie.

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