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Non-Jailbroken Hack CarX Drift Racing 2 v1.1.1

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it’s not tested because my phone won’t sync with iTunes im trying to figure what’s going on


What i did is edit the Ressources.Assets file.

i did it with the first one and it was working like a charm


so here is what you should have;;

I only did some cars to see if it's working for it  DailyQuest and/or Achivements make the game crashed at start...

AE86 = Hachi-Roku
Supra = Wanderer L30

SilviaS14 = Fujin SX

Nissan180sx = Phoenix NX 

all upgrade should cost one coins (Body Kits, Engine, etc.)




if you can provide feedback to me i’d like to know if it works. So i could put everything in the game at 1Coins.

this is also going to work on later update ill just have ti modify the value again.



If someone can tell me how to do a easy install post that would be appreciated i could try it with this 😂😂😂

i found out how to do the Direct Install Link all i need is a file sharing website supporting it (Mediafire give error, Dropbox too, Mega also,

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year to all of you 


iOSGods best community on internet ❤️







Edited by XxNuKeNxX
Final Try.. Only 1Coins Upgrade
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14 minutes ago, ZahirSher said:

@XxNuKeNxX I will test this out


Thanks man i appreciate that im pretty sure that this is going to work and if you know how to make a direct install with it could you do it for me? My computer died like 15 mins ago 😞

Edited by XxNuKeNxX

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Just now, XxNuKeNxX said:

Thanks man i appreciate that im pretty sure that this is going to work and if you know how to make a direct install with it could you do it for me? My computer died like 15 mins ago 😞

I cant make direct installs but I could try adding it to the app if it works. Only DiDA can make direct installs 

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Ok i searched for that it’s kinda hard to get it at first you need a direct link to the .ipa file and a .plist linked to it well i’ll figure out how to do it. It would be useful on ios 12

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8 minutes ago, ZahirSher said:

The app crashed, instantly crashes when you open it


Ok thanks for letting me know ill put the xp back to normal if i put all car upgrades at 1 coins it should work i did it with the event cars in the first carx ill work ok this when im back home 

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5 minutes ago, XxNuKeNxX said:


Ok thanks for letting me know ill put the xp back to normal if i put all car upgrades at 1 coins it should work i did it with the event cars in the first carx ill work ok this when im back home 

Sure, just tag me here, I will test it and provide feedback

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      - Cydia Impactor.
      - A Computer Running Windows/Mac/Linux.

      Hack Features:
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      - Enemies Have Low HP

      This hack works on the latest x64 or ARM64 iDevices: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, SE, iPod Touch 6G, iPad Air, Air 2, Pro & iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and later.

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      Hidden Content
      Download iOSGods App

      PC Installation Instructions:
      STEP 1: If necessary, uninstall the app if you have it installed on your iDevice. Some hacked IPAs will install as a duplicate app. Make sure to back it up so you don't lose your progress.
      STEP 2: Download the pre-hacked .IPA file from the link above to your computer.
      STEP 3: Download Cydia Impactor and extract the archive.
      STEP 4: Open/Run Cydia Impactor on your computer then connect your iOS Device and wait until your device name shows up on Cydia Impactor.
      STEP 5: Once your iDevice appears, drag the modded .IPA file you downloaded and drop it inside the Cydia Impactor application.
      STEP 6: You will now be asked to enter your iTunes/Apple ID email login & then your password. Go ahead and enter the required information..
      STEP 7: Wait for Cydia Impactor to finish sideloading/installing the hacked IPA.
      STEP 8: Once the installation is complete and you see the app on your Home Screen, you will now need to go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management. Once there, tap on the email you entered from step 6, and then tap on 'Trust [email protected]'.
      STEP 9: Now go to your Home Screen and open the newly installed app and everything should work fine. You may need to follow further per app instructions inside the hack's popup in-game.
      NOTE: For free Apple Developer accounts you will need to repeat this process every 7 days. Using a disposable Apple ID for this process is suggested but not required. Jailbroken iDevices can skip using Cydia Impactor and just install the IPA mod with AppSync & IPA Installer (or alternatives) from Cydia. If you have any questions or problems, read our Cydia Impactor topic and if you don't find a solution, post your issue down below and we'll do our best to help! If the hack does work for you, post your feedback below and help out other fellow members that are encountering issues.

      - @DanYal

      Cheat Video/Screenshots:

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      Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/72392-arm64-candy-crush-soda-saga-cheats-v11222-3/

      - @Laxus
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      - Free Store (Buy Everything for FREE)
      - God Mode

      Hack Download Link: https://iosgods.com/topic/72622-arm64-almost-a-hero-cheats-all-versions-2/
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