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Tutorial How to Get iOSGods' deb Hacks Working with Electra 11.0 - 11.3.1

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Posted (edited)

It appears that the Electra with multipath tcp exploit (Dev Version) seems to have a higher success rate and works generally better than the vfs exploit version (Non Dev Account). It is highly suggested you use the multipath version of Electra. Thanks to Ignition, you can download it here. Tutorial on how to have 100% success when Jailbreaking here.

Once you're Jailbroken with multipath Electra, open Cydia and install these Dependencies that are required for .deb cheats to work:

  • Substrate Compatibility Layer
  • Tweak Injector
  • Substitute
  • PreferenceLoader
  • Filza File Manager

Installing Substrate Compatibility Layer will automatically also install Tweak Injector & Substitute. They can all be found in the default repos that come with Electra Jailbreak. Filza File Manager must be installed from BigBoss repo. Filza Jailed versions or modified versions will give you errors.


Once you have installed the dependencies listed above, you can proceed to follow the instructions on the hack's topic to install .deb hacks normally via Filza. :)


Still not working?
If for some reason you still do not get the iOSGods popup when opening the game, see this topic.

Edited by DiDA
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1 minute ago, marsmith said:

@DiDA should i uninstall my vfs version and try the MP? 

If vfs is working fine for you so far, then you can continue using it.

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there is another way to make ifunbox working with electra11.3 i already install Unrestr1ct0r and my deviceloop 

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  • Similar Content

    • By iGods
      In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to duplicate your favorite apps/games on your iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak. I'll be using WhatsApp as an example. Tested working on iPhone 8, 11.3.1. Take note that not all apps/games can be duplicated.
      - Filza File Manager (BigBoss repo)
      - AppSync Unified (Karen's repo)

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      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info
    • By AboJweideh
      Use any interposer sim with edit iicid feature
      Insert your sim with interposer to the sim tray Wait for the activation pop up click dismiss press home then emergency call dial *5005*7672*00# the press call you can also use *5005*7672*88# or *5005*7672*5858# for some interposer sims if you want directly enter the iccid code/the bugged code , after activation and your on the homescreen eject your simcard and remove the interposer sim, insert the simcard again and voila your iphone is factory unlocked now you can use any sims without activation problem and no need to repeat the process the get a sim and insert it.
      Here is the code
      ICCID UPDATED / august 3
      Any interposer sims : ex (Rsim 12,turbo sim gevey,Gpp) all with edit iccid will work
      But you can pm me if this code gets detected Hope it will not get patched easily on apple servers
      For those who are already have jailbroken iPhone you can BACK UP /VAR/ROOT/LIBRARY/LOCKDOWN FOLDER!! Then you could restore the ticket with a future iOS 12
    • By mikeyb
      Ok this will only work on mac os
      If you don't own a mac use VMware there are lots a tuts for getting Vmware set up with mac even if u have a amd processor like me :p
      ok 1st download this debugger and place in /usr/bin/ set permission  775
      Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info
      Ok now to begin
      1st Make sure you have xcode installed to be able to use lldb.
      1. You will have to install usbmuxed and iproxy. To do this open a terminal in mac and type 
      brew install usbmuxd when it's downloades and installed open another terminal and type
      iproxy 2222 22 & When it's opened new port at 2222 close terminal and open another type iproxy 6666 6666 & It will say waiting for connection leave terminal open just minimize it 2.  Connect your phone via usb cable make sure you set up VMware usb config so you can connect.
      Open 2 new teminals and 
      ssh -p 2222 root@localhost In both to connect to your device,When connected 
      In 1 terminal Type 
      debugserver device ip debugserver will start 
      in the other terminal Type
      ps ax this will show you pid of debugserver
      now type
      /electra/jailbreakd_client <debugserver pid> 1  
      Now u can close debugserver terminal and stay in pid 1
      /usr/bin/debugserver localhost:6666 -a <game pid or game binary name> either 1 will work game will now attach
      open new terminal for lldb
      type lldb
      when lldb is ready type
      process connect connect://localhost:6666 now it will connect give it a bit sometimes lldb take long than others all depends on game. Once it have
      type image list
      Go right to the top to very 1st call you will see game name example
      Var/container/bundle/gamename  0x0000000100fa4000
      this is the aslr slide take a note of it as it changes every time you detach and re-attach game
      now you have you offset from igg ect
      type in lldb w s e -- 0xiggadress
      c to continue
      when you a hit it will show like below
      value will be here:
      0x101703d78 <+7732600>: ldr    x20, [x19, #0x30]     0x <+7732604>: adrp   x24, 9017     0x101703d80 <+7732608>: add    x24, x24, #0xeb8          ; =0xeb8     0x101703d84 <+7732612>: ldr    x0, [x24] TropicThunderDev`_mh_execute_header: ->  0x101c1be88 <+13074056>: ldr    w8, [x19, #0x50]     0x101c1be8c add    w8, w8, #0x1              ; =0x1     0x101c1be90 <+13074064>: str    w8, [x19, #0x50]     0x101c1be94 <+13074068>: ldp    x29, x30, [sp, #0x70]
      now remember your aslr
      example 0x0000000100fa4000
      now subtract fa4000 from the offsets you got.
      0x101c1be8c - fa4000
      Use the new offset in ida that's all to it :p
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