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VIP 2 month giveaway X1

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    • By Luc1d
      Today I will be giving away a $25 Gamestop Giftcard to iOSGod Members! 
      To enter into the giveaway, comment your favorite song and artist below!
      I will pick the winner in 5 days using https://www.random.org/ 
      Dedicated to @Joka, you're a pretty rad guy!
      Thank You and Good Luck! 
      Favorite Song: Joji- Will he
    • By abidfaster
      Today I will be giving away an 8 Ball Pool Account with 100Million Coins for iOSGods members! 
      To join the giveaway, please comment down below once.
      I will pick the winner in anytime within 2 weeks using random.org. 
      Dedicated to @DiDA My Mentor and friend.
      More Giveaways are coming soon.
    • By LifeElevated
      Meme account Insta Giveaway!
      Yes, it really is a 46k Instagram! 

      more proof...

      To enter: Post the next number in line. (ex. me:1 you:2 random:3, etc....)
      NO LIMIT but, only between 5 numbers each! (spacing your posts 5 people lol)
      When we hit 466 (for 46.6k) I will use RANDOM.ORG to select a winner!!
      This is literally complete luck!
      Information on the account:
      -It was my meme account
      - I gained lots of followers over time.
      - Average 1,500 likes per post
      - Was very well known until about 4 months ago when I went inactive due to school
      -If you would like more proof DM me and I will be happy to collaborate!
      Good luck and have fun! -Elevated
      To help I will start the chain...
    • By AppiOVZ
      I have 20 pre-modded bullet force accounts all weapons unlocked level 100 1.000.000 coins and 10K gold , 3 accounts will be down here the other 27 , message me for 1 👍 
      1.name:AppiOVzZZ password:AppiOVZzzz (IF THERE PATCHED MESSAGE ME FOR A NEW ONE) 
      2.name:Iosgodsdotcomappi password:iosgodsdotcom666
      3 name:NinjaHyperdotcom password:yourmomisugly.
    • By 2nDimension
      First 20 people to reply with "I know da wae", and the email for their Adobe account, Ill activate 1 year of All apps and Adobe stock license for them.
      Just check your email inbox for the confirmation email and confirm and you should have access to all the apps in creative cloud and stock photos too.
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