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Help/Support Since Coperius (aka mcocmod) stopped modding Marvel Contest of Champions...

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I haven't been able to find a working mod for Marvel Contest of Champions for Android since Coperius stopped updating his mod. I started to compare the current game to his last mod using .NET Reflector by looking at the Assembly-CSharp.dll and Assembly-CShartp-Firstpass and his code appears to be laid out really well. It's in a separate namespace named "Mcocmod". He may have modified other parts of the file though. 


The mod worked by hitting pause while in a fight, and you were able to turn on/off certain functions of the game from there. That's about as far as I've gone so far. In reading the tutorials on this site, I'm basically wondering if it's possible to extract just the code under the namespace(s) he created, and inject it into a current version of the game. Really doubt it's that simple though. 

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Even if you could know what he modified, there should be a security check on that game. Or the .dll file is encrypted


Never could bypass security checks myself


Are you referring to authenticating with the Kabam servers? Or some other type of security check?


The game appears to work almost completely offline, sending fight data packets to Kabam after a fight is finished. The Coperius mod and the mod updated here for iOS will get you banned if used in the wrong areas of the game. Seems that Kabam only checks high-end content though. "Wrong" areas being the newest content, or anything Alliance-related. 


Looking at the code for MCoC mod, he simply used functions already available in the game - probably for developer/QA testing. Options like turning off NPC attack, increasing base damage, etc. It's a unity game, and none of the code appears to be encrypted that I've looked at so far. At first glance, it looks like he created an in-game menu to turn some of these functions on or off, but didn't modify any other sections of the game. 

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So none of the top modders tried to take a shot at this? I know its more than a copy & paste job but I'm pretty sure you guys can come up with something.

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Since the release of v15, they changed the fundamental core instructions in the application, which makes it more difficult to get anything out of the system. Even Trucos and the guys, I'm assuming struggled to data mine the game, as they removed the portraits from the OBB files (mainly because the application now downloads only a packet, and streams the update down after first launch, similar to how they did Transformers).

This response is in regards to this particular comment, because there have been several attempts, even on iOS Gods to "mod" the application. If you attempt to look for a 17.x mod under the Android section, it has since been removed; why, because Kabam is making it increasingly more difficult to "mod" this game, and I don't understand why, to be quite honest.

If you are really interested in taking a stab at doing this, your only option is HEX editing via the .SO files. I myself tried this, and have had very little luck with getting anything out of the game, and in my attempts got banned twice.

So yeah, some of the top modders on this forum has taken a stab at it, but getting continuously banned over a mod outweighs the pleasure in playing this game, so I think people will be backing off for a while.

My needs are very unique, and I have not had a single response on my request but in my honest opinion, stop trying to mod this game, and effort forward to get to a 200k hero rating as quickly as possible, run Uncollected if you have not, and you'll really start seeing the benefit of being a higher ranking player.

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