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Other How to level up on team in the 10s-30s

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Hello Guys!

Today I'm going to explain you how i got tons of levels , in less than a week.

I will show you 2 different methods, one involving investment, and one involving patience. I used both these methods, but you can use the one you prefer.

What you will need:

- Internet Connection
- Steam Client

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What are the rewards from leveling up on Steam:

- +5 Friend Slots per level
- +1 Profile Showcase per 10 levels
- Increased Drop Rate of Boosters Packs per 10 levels
- At level 8 you are able to earn Trading Cards on Steam Sales Events, without purchasing games

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Out of the topic question

Is there any way to sell unused keys and get money on steam ?


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    • By zpeachfuzz
      i think it would be a great idea! if anyone wants to join, ill create a guild and we can take turns "destroying" raids.. all we need is active players, a couple cheaters and heres how it will work: all of the people who want part in rewards will attack to get placed for rewards, while 1 cheater will finish the raid, easy rewards for no effort.
      Updatae: if we get atleast 10 people that want to do this ill create a guild and invite everyone. if anyone is up for the guild pm me or reply.
    • By InCydias
      Working on iOS 11.2 and 11.2.1 (untested on iOS 11.2.2 but may still work)
      For NonJailbroken Devices:

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      Corellium is a VM for iOS, it is said to simulate a Full iOS iPhone, which is not something that has been done before.
      They have "features" as:
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      - On-demand thread list & kernel backtrace
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      for a reason, I cant edit the inside of the spoiler, open screenshot and scroll to the bottom.
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      Request while you can if interested 
      "Want to be one of the first developers in the world to test on a virtualized iPhone? Reserve your invite now at http://corellium.com ." ~ @Corellium
      k bai
      Edit: oh and i should credit reddit
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      Hi guys, I saw that there are some news regarding the Jailbreak, can you tell me if you can make it on ipad pro ios 10.3.2 ??

      If you can, can you give me directions on where to download it safely?

      Thanks so much!!
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