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Cydia [iOS 10 Jailbreak] Confirmed Working iPhone 7 128GB

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- A Computer
- Cydia Impactor
- Jailbreak IPA from link below

Many tweaks still require updating so don't install tweaks that aren't iOS 10 compatible.

To Jailbreak, install the app using Cydia Impactor from the link below.


Proof of Cydia on my iPhone 7 Jet Black 128GB running iOS 10.1.1.

Edited by DiDA
Updated iDevice and iOS Support
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beta1: glitchy, mobilesubstrate not working (on purpose), super f***ing unstable, glitchy again




this is likely (nah not really but pretend it is) to f**k your device

up forcing you to restore, so better safe than sorry. wait for stable release

Edited by castix
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Basmal121, on 22 Dec 2016 - 11:49 AM, said:

No 6??

I don't see it mentioned on the page anywhere.
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    • By Axixi5
      Hi iosgods, I don't know where else to go to ask for help because I couldn't find a solution for this anywhere. I tried to update my iOS 10.2 emoji to iOS 11.1 which was a fail attempt. I have a jailbroken devise for iOS 10.2. Now the reason I ask you guys help is for someone to help me by uploading their iOS 10.2 emoji file on here so I can re-download it and fix this problem.
      ---All I need are these files: 
      ---With the help of Filza, you can find it at:
      System / Library / Fonts / Core
      Thats all I need to restore my iOS 10.2 emoji catalog back to its original files. Pls help.
    • By iDavie
      Kecil v4.6
      Kecil is an iOS theme designed with minimality at the forefront of my mind.
      Complete with
      Three separate icon themes with more than 100 icons included in each.
      Three separate badge themes
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      The theme features stylized designs, utilizing many rounded edges and simplistic-yet-detailed layouts, and breaks a barrier in iOS themes by using saturated pastel colors to brighten your iPhone up.

      Download : 

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    • By TamT
      hi there members i was wondering if any1 could help i have a ipad2 on ios 9.3.5 with the phoenix jailbreak managed to download cydia okay and then after 
      the igameguardian which i paid the 3 dollars for membership but every time i try to add resourses it says the app is dead !!! seems when i got on to the 
      igameguardian app my game app closes down  the game in question is mortalkombat x is there a tweek or fix to keep both apps open so i can add
      resourses? also tried to use the gamegem app which isnt working either keeps saying to update gamegem but when i go on cydia there is no update 
    • By Xylla
      Hey Guys! Just found the awesome tweak on Cydia which allows you to change the music artwork from any application in CC and Lockscreen for free!

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    • By iDavie
       Prosperity Version 1.3.3 iOS 7 +

      This theme has taken me over a year to develop, with many amazing contributions from some of the most respected developers in our community. 
      I was looking to start something that could portray my love for dark themes, & at the same time bring something to the table that hasn't been done before. 
      After much anticipation we are finally able to share our work.
       -200+ icons (& alts) in Prosperity 
      -200+ icons (& alts) in Terminus 
      -18 AEs 
      -6 Docks
      -2 Status bars 
      -Themed dialer 
      -Settings Icon theme
      -9 Badges
      -Themed page dots
      -Themed control center
      -Themed cydia UI 
      -Custom UI sounds
      -Alt UI sounds by @dexterilgatto
      -3 Separate Anemone UI themes 
      -Custom SMS message UI
      -more to come!
      Prosperity vs. Terminus:
      Prosperity icons are lined with a border, which was done to give each icon a centered & detailed feel. 
      Terminus was then developed to accomade those of us that enjoy a different shaped overlay every once in awhile & don't want the icon's design to interfere with that. Several "frame-AEs" were also included in case you would like each icon's border to match. 
      I would like to thank Boots (@chvylvr6972), Chintya Lia R.K. (@Liaaliooo), @sn0wd3n, PoisOnDF (@yofatpapa), krisjay (@KrisJayDesigns), dabagg (@dexterilgatto), & Wiuff (@Wysniff) for their guidance, contributions & support in helping me make this theme truly special. 
      Prosperity was made to be compatible with all devices & all iOS versions >iOS 7, however I only have my ip7 so if there is anything that doesn't work please let me know & I will do my best to fix it.
      It requires Anemone to work fully (or Winterboard + IconBundles: not tested/AEs won't work).

      Download :
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