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App Filza File Manager for iOS 7, 8 and 9!

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DiDA    52,809



Powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Designed for iOS 7 and 8. Flat design, with best performance:

– File viewers: Media player, Hex editor, Text editor, SQLite Editor, IPA Installer, DEB Installer, Web viewer, Terminal ….

– SQLite Editor was design for large query, works well with over 100k+ rows in result

– Execute shell scripts and applications just few tap

– Cloud services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP

– Supports SMB (Windows File Sharing)

– Search files and folders easily

– Powerful files copy/move design, just few taps

– Download normal/html file with easy way: copy html link to Pasteboard, and paste it to destination folder

– Manage Music library easily: import/export/delete/rename ... just do same as normal files

– Explore files in list view mode or grid view mode, with thumbnail

– Compress zip file, decompress zip/7z/rar/tar/tar.gz/gz ...

– Install and extract DEB/IPA file, view DEB/IPA file information

– Black theme and white theme, custom folder icon, file extension icon, ...

– And more features ...


More info: http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/depiction.php?file=filzafilemanagerDp

Download it from the BigBoss repo or get it for free from a pirate repo.

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