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Filza File Manager for iOS 7, 8 and 9!

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Powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Designed for iOS 7 and 8. Flat design, with best performance:

– File viewers: Media player, Hex editor, Text editor, SQLite Editor, IPA Installer, DEB Installer, Web viewer, Terminal ….

– SQLite Editor was design for large query, works well with over 100k+ rows in result

– Execute shell scripts and applications just few tap

– Cloud services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP

– Supports SMB (Windows File Sharing)

– Search files and folders easily

– Powerful files copy/move design, just few taps

– Download normal/html file with easy way: copy html link to Pasteboard, and paste it to destination folder

– Manage Music library easily: import/export/delete/rename ... just do same as normal files

– Explore files in list view mode or grid view mode, with thumbnail

– Compress zip file, decompress zip/7z/rar/tar/tar.gz/gz ...

– Install and extract DEB/IPA file, view DEB/IPA file information

– Black theme and white theme, custom folder icon, file extension icon, ...

– And more features ...


More info: http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/depiction.php?file=filzafilemanagerDp

Download it from the BigBoss repo or get it for free from a pirate repo.

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      Hello, guys!
      I am easily bored with things but this game changed me. I have been playing this game for almost 6 months and it has been really amazing. Whether you are on Marvel, DC Comics, or neither team, I think you would still love this game.
      So basically this game basically consists of lots of characters from Marvel Universe (and parallel universe), not to mention they just added new X-Men characters. This game is basically following the release of each Marvel movie in real life. For example the when the GoTG2 (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) released, they released new uniforms exactly the same as the ones in movie. They also added Mantis as one of your usable characters.
      Inside the game itself, you have different modes of gameplay that you can play:
      Story (Mission/Dungeon style kind of play) Special Mission (Opened for 20 minutes so basically I just put on Auto-Play and this is where you want to play if you want to speed up your character's level) Daily Mission (You can only play this one for twice a day but you can get lots of coins from here) Timeline (3 vs 3 PvP mode - elimination system) World Boss (Different Boss everyday with a limitation of 5 times a day entry, starting from beating Proxima Midnight to Thanos) Epic Quest (To get Doctor Strange as your characters and the new X-Men characters) Alliance Conquest (3 Alliances (or guilds) are battling to get all the areas on the map) etc. One of the things that I love about this game is the fact that it keeps getting harder each time making it fun. And not to mention how kind they are in giving such as coins and gems as rewards. So basically the difference between the VIP users and the non-VIP users are the period of time needed for you to be amazing in this game. I even have met some free player people who are more amazing than me.
      This game is basically to long for me to explain so you can just try it out by yourself and here is the link for the iTunes store:
      Most of the good infos are in reddit so if you are too lazy using vpn because the web is blocked, just ask me and I will try to help you as best as I can.
      For those newbie, this is a must: choose SHARON ROGER as your first character. She is like one of the most-balanced character in the game and can help you get to the higher level faster than any characters.
      My Agent's name (or username) in the game is Koskenkorva. Maybe we can go against each other in timeline or even be in the same Alliance. Can't wait for you guys to try it out.
      Is anyone here playing this game? Please share some tips and tricks
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      This app is a great and easy way to get THOUSANDS of Subscribers fast!
      You can also get Likes and Comments!
      It has potential to get you up to 2,000 subscribers a day if you do it actively (easier using an Auto Tapper).
      This app may get removed from the App Store soon because all other follower, subscriber type apps have been removed from the App Store mainly since February (2017). So download it to keep it in your purchases to be able to download it whenever.
      Out of all subscriber apps for Youtube I feel this is the easiest to earn subscriber app for iOS (and currently the only one on the app store).
      Edit: If you're jailbroken I recommend using 'AutoTouch' for this so you don't have to sit there waiting to earn coins it'll just do it for you once you record a tap pattern.
      Also you may need multiple youtube channels to subscribe on once you hit the sub limit for the day (you can add multiple channels on one account in the YouTube settings).wi
      If you get 400 subscribers everyday you could end up with 100,000 subscribers within less than 1 year (250 days) and maybe even try to get verified on YouTube at 100k!
      Tip: To balance out the subscribers so youtube doesn't remove some because of a spike in subscribers then instantly dropping after, you need to at 10 subscribers after they stop coming in after 1-3 hours otherwise you may start to lose some.
      Let me know if you would like to see other great apps for YouTube.. Instagram and Twitter Followers.
      Also please Like this post if you can!                                                                 vVv
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      Get yourself a free Killing Floor key before the offer ends!
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      here ya go
      please rep and reply with your thoughts

      Hidden Content https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B5ZVVWymZju3N2lPbVVNUnVHZzg  
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