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  1. Right, so basically ive looked everywhere for an updated tutorial o how to mod the nsb and scb files in CSR2. Ive followed every step and for some reason it WILL NOT read the files i replaced. Im scratching my head and im getting soooooo frustrated. can anyone make any suggestions or try help me in anyway? Thank You.
  2. I’ll Post another account soon, I originally had 4 but they got banned Edit: Unfortunately the other accounts I had got banned, I’m not sure how or why but I guarantee this account is one of most Rarest bullet force accounts so please take care, it took a long time to make.
  3. [Hidden Content] - Insane modded stats! (950k Kills). - all Camos unlocked for the first 3 guns and secondary weapons. - All player camos unlocked! - Rank 100 - ACR and Desert Eagle Unlocked!
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