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  1. How do you guys translate the game ? Which app do u use ??
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    1. Rook


      The other Grim Soul hack has the features implemented. Please use the search bar located on the top-right corner of iOSGods. :)

  3. Its 65$ lol.. and hell yeah that’s expensive for f2p players like me.. btw the subscription also applies for pubg too and thats why the cost is high .. The one i linked is possible... and its for ios only..not android or pc..
  4. You should’ve asked for this hack instead.
  5. Name of the app you want hacked: Cambly Version of the app: 7.12.0 iTunes Link for the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cambly-english-teacher/id564024107 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: jailbroken Requested Features: - Unlimited minutes -Premium unlocked
  6. So i was trying to get a damage hack for a game. What i found was something called get_hitnumber which is supposed to increase the amount of hits i do. i tried changing it normally(by increasing the number) but didn't work then someone said that i need to hooking and some basic C++ to make it work and he already has the hack for it but won't tell me any further. So if someone know how to deal with this stuff then please help me. Thanks in advance. Also i am very new to this stuff. The only thing i know is to find the offset of something on dnspy and make increase/decrease it or just do bool true or false or NOP
  7. Its because they are server sided. You can’t hack server sided games. Unless i guess you hack their server
  8. How do i use a hex editor to decrypt it ?FYI I need to dump it on il2cpp dumper.
  9. You can use dnspy. Best for unity games imo
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