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  1. can u remove the 1000billions ads on the fifa mobile hack because its not even possible to get too the download itself because too many ads smh....

    1. Kira



    2. DADi


      Read our FAQ topic on how to get past an adfly or shst link.

  2. So, when i install a mod menu, from here, dosen't really matter for what game, but as soon as i open the menu, and i enable "infinty" money or "god" or whatever the option is, the game just closes it self, and well yeah the mod menu never works for me. Uhm im on unc0ver jailbreak 11.4.1
  3. And it also became in another lauange
  4. Hey so i got a question, i used unc0ver when i jailbroke 11.4.1 for the first time, and well i like to cheat on phone games, but ive heard that Electra is better to use, so i removed the unc0ver jailbreak to install electra but i got a few errors when i started it and i couldn't remove them https://imgur.com/a/75CFnIs
  5. awh, okay guess imma stay on unc0ver until i actually can figure out how to get to electra without anything breaking :c
  6. Is it possoible somehow too, get 11.4.1 again even if its not signed
  7. i removed the unc0ver i was gonna install electra but like, it was in a diffrent lanuahge in the cyida i had like 100 errors, tried to remove it almost didnt work, but after a while it did, and then i had like a lot of trouble jailbreaking with unc0ver i had errors for a while there to but now it seems to be fine so idk if i wanna try too change agian even tho i want mod menus lol Was so scared id lose the jailbreak
  8. Only that tho like no personal data etc? like apps pictures contants u know etc
  9. If i remove the unc0ver jailbreak and install the electra will i lose my tweaks?
  10. Well im using unc0ver too because someone said its the same i just want cydia for tweaks and hacks u know, but is electra better for like menus to work or nahhh or is it just me being unluckiy with everything like always lol
  11. think it would be better with uhm electra
  12. So well bascily, all the games that has a mod menu, they are placed in a bad place for the Iphone X or higer users because the menu is usally placed under the small nob, so you cant access the menu, and well this is for me. When i use any menu, i check the option the game usally just crashes, or if i wanna just open the menu itself it crashes too sometimes. i dont know why
  13. On iPhone X the small dumb nob they have that sticks down on the screen the menu opener is under that so it’s not possible to open it please fix that
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