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  1. No I’m current non-jail broken version for me but it should next update (I hope!!)
  2. Is this from breeding or from opening dog crates?? Because if you pick up a male dog in the wild then when you send the dog to the pen you will always get a male dog from opening that dog crate. If it’s from breeding your just unlucky but I’d advise changing the gender of your character. I’d advise categoriesing the male and female dogs you pick up because then you get infinite of both gender
  3. Pretty sure you have to wait for @DiDA to update the hack (usually takes about 3-7 days) for it to work. The game wants you to update to the latest legit version of the game because the hack copies the game and the connection to it (allowing communication between game and game servers) but isn’t actually the game! So when you try and update it from App Store you arnt actualy updating anything cause you didn’t download the hack from App Store. Hope this helped but not 100%
  4. I have grinder the blue prints to the point where I am only missing 2 epic blueprints (scar and zip pistol) but also a common bow blueprint??? I think it is the small sight over the big sight but I still haven’t got it! Has anyone else been able to get it?
  5. Instant travel bug and unlimited consumable items bug is also in non jailbreak version and Because the mode menu isn’t in non jailbreak idk if they can be fixed. The millions of energy does not cause many problems apart from loot drops don’t apear but the engine, generator and infected box bug means I have to instal legit version of game to fix it
  6. I think killing the witch still gets you lvl 99 instantly with out the bow but ik that getting 120 health is pretty easy cause all you have to do is complete a sector 7 mission from the multiplayer zone (far right of map) and receive the bunker magazines. From there you get infinite bunker exp from using the inbox multiplication hack.
  7. Obtaining the magazines?? I have got the bunker magazines from sector 7 and the multiplayer zone and the forest magazines from raids but idk how to get the others??
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