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  1. I could... This was windows XP, a lot of holes have been patched in the upgrading to Windows 10. It's a true one to!
  2. Or app sync unified is messed up. Btw, Cydia would crash and wouldn't work with both issues. Doesn't matter the app permissions.
  3. Hi, I'm KittenBound, I have no idea what I am supposed to put in this introduction, so I might as well tell a story. Once upon a time far away in Marseilles, there were two people. They were just ordinary people not overly motivated, but not wholly average either. They traveled around living life and doing their duties. And as chance happened, they came into contact with each other. When they met, it was like the stars had aligned above them. They quickly fell in love - calling every night, giving all the haunts of Marseilles the pleasure of their company, and dreaming up ingenious ways to show each other the depths of their love. These two people were my parents. They were married somewhere and some year and I came along... Now I'm not really trying to prove anything, not worried about fame or money, and interested only in the acquisition and utilization of knowledge. I started teaching myself to code when I was 12. I received suspensions and punishments for hacking during school, but after one hack the shut down the entire school network and locked down every computer on campus our administrator gave up. I was called into the office and offered a position as a voluntary tech support IT and a "do everything I tell you or get expelled" person. They introduced me to the world of websites. I began learning JavaScript, css, and HTML. Pretty soon they gave me Administrative privileges. They also taught me graphic design and how to use Adobe Creative Suite. I learned the rule of thirds, the golden mean, ratios, percentages, kearning, tracking and color theory. Then disaster struck. I was bitten by the shutterbug. I fell in love with photography and now have gone through two DSLRs, 5 lenses, and two camera bags. I was given the job as head photographer of the journalism team and the school even outsourced me to various organizations as a "volunteer or get expelled" photographer. It's funny how some people hold grudges isn't it? Anyways, they slowly came to trust me. Back at home, however, things weren't so good. My parents, having been made aware of my technical mischievousness, became very harsh. They took away my electronic devices, my computers, my gaming systems, and even the wifi cable. Dad was afraid I would hack into their back account and make off with all their money... Seriously... Anytime my parents left they would take the wifi power cord. Little did they know that I owned my own router, cable, modem and all the gear required to have my own wifi hotspot. I became a master of parental control - hacking their passwords, reclaiming my electronic devices, and snatching the very privileges back- all while maintaining an incognito presence in the technological world. Sooner or later I knew it would catch up to me, and it did. But I was now 16 and had finished highschool. What could they do? A college student required access to electronic devices. So I was released and the wifi cable stayed in place even when parental so were absent as was frequently the case. My parents disappeared. I only saw them once every so often and even could go a month without seeing one of them. So, I learned responsibility. I took my little siblings to school, made their food for them, and helped them with their Maths homework. But the thing that caused the most heartbreak was my birthday. It would come and go and I wouldn't even realize it. And that, my friend, is a scary thing. I wanted more for myself, and more for my future children, so I created a life plan to take me to a position of success. Success defined as, financial security, and a positive influence toward my generation and circle of influence. So, I pursued it and life moved on - time marching swiftly on toward the future unknown. And I faced life with a smile and a cavalier, devil-may-care attitude. Although it may not have been the greatest childhood I owned it and loved it because it was mine and nobody else's. I had grown in knowledge, responsibility, and had seen happiness and sorrow? It's impact and fingerprints had formed me and created what I now know I am today. And so I, KittenBound, live on a happy person with a world to change. Thus ends my story, I hope you enjoyed it! Bonne Chance! - KittenBound
  4. Sounds like Cydia is identifying your device as jailed.
  5. What is the backup from, Android, iDevice, or Mac?
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